Clear Cut Couples: Jeff and Sasha

Jeff and Sasha met one day at the library at Rutgers University in Newark. She sat down next to him because there was an open computer. They didn't speak because he was stressing out about a calculus exam he had that morning. In a rush, he left his calculator behind. Unbeknownst to him, Sasha found the calculator and gave it to the library attendant. Je rushed back to the library and retrieved the calculator and the library attendant told him the young lady who was sitting next to him turned it in. Jeff said, “The following semester, I ran into her in an elevator and thanked her! The rest is history.”

Their first date was supposed to be an ice cream date and then Sasha changed her mind and decided she was hungry for dinner. They went to a restaurant in Hoboken, NJ and Jeff was so nervous. He asked for a BTL without the bacon since Sasha isn’t fond of bacon.

They have been together for over 8 years since then and have shared so many incredible memories over the years. A major highlight was purchasing their first home together in August 2019. They recently spent 3 months in the Dominican Republic together which was very special since they both got to reconnect with their roots.

Jeff proposed to Sasha December 2019. After a busy week at work, he convinced Sasha that they had to go to the Rutgers campus to visit his brother. Sasha had no idea that he was planning to propose. He made them walk to the library and that is where he got down on one knee. The library is so symbolic because that is where it all started!

It was 100% a surprise for her! She actually was in shock and told him to not do it right now! LOL! She loved the ring! She did not want a typical diamond and he knew she would love a yellow diamond because it's so unique and stunning

As for their wedding, they hope for it to be in the Dominican Republic. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!