Clear Cut Couples: Matt and Madi

Matt and Madi first met in 2014 at Michigan State. They lived in a co-ed dorm their freshman year of college and their dorm rooms were right next to each other. They quickly became good friends and tailgating partners, though they didn't stay "just friends" for long. They started dating about 6 months after meeting!

As broke college students, most of their "dates" consisted of just spending time together. They would study together in the yard on nice days and joined lots of IM leagues together. Their first REAL date was at a restaurant off campus. Neither of them had really been in a serious relationship before and they were very awkward in a traditional date setting - thankfully that corrected itself quickly! They have been together for 7 years since then and they have shared so many incredible memories. 

While it's hard to pick a single moment, one of the definite highlights of their relationship was doing a semester abroad together in Budapest, Hungary their Junior year of college! This trip definitely deepened a pre-existing love of travel for the both of them. While in Budapest, they traveled to 12 different countries throughout Europe together! More recently, they went on a trip to Iceland, which was amazing, and have no plans to stop exploring the world together!

Matt had made reservations for them at a fancy restaurant downtown, which wasn't too suspicious because he's a total foodie. After dinner they went for a walk around downtown. Matt had stopped her while they were walking and proposed, simultaneously Madi’s two older sisters and her best friend who lived out of state appeared around the corner. They also brought their dog Ollie so he could join in the celebration! Matt also had their friend Jonathon there ready to take photos for them. After all of the excitement, they headed home where all of their friends were waiting, with LOADS of champagne, to celebrate with them! Matt hates coordinating large groups of people so it meant a lot that he got everyone together!

There were little things that made Madi expect something was up. For example, Matthew spent all day cleaning the house before dinner which made her a little suspicious. During dinner, he also excused himself to restroom way too many times - she assumes now that he was coordinating with people. As for the ring, Madi knew exactly what she wanted and had told Matthew. She actually first saw The Clear Cut on TikTok showing a ring very similar to hers and she knew that she was set on where to steer Matthew. She said, “I couldn't believe the ring was even more beautiful in person! It is EVERYTHING!!!!”

They have hit the ground running with wedding planning! They will have their wedding at The Broadway Ave which is a huge old church that is currently being renovated into a wedding space. It has such an elegant, timeless feel which is exactly what they are looking for. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!