Clear Cut Couples: Jenny and Andrew

Jenny and Andrew met completely randomly - they like to think that it was fate. Jenny was living in Chicago and had just asked her job for a transfer to NYC. Andrew was living in NYC and was visiting Chicago for a bachelor party. They happened to be at the same beach music festival on North Ave when Andrew spotted her and brought a buddy to come talk to her. His buddy tapped Jenny on the shoulder and asked "do you want to meet your future husband?" She said yes - true story!

Andrew ditched the bachelor party (luckily it was the last night and the guys were mostly just hanging at the AirBnB) and they met at a bar. They connected instantly over their love for travel, food, and family. Since then, they have been together for over 3 years!

Their second "date" was when Andrew came to visit her in Chicago a month before she moved to NYC. It was a 3 day long date - Jenny was nervous that he was going to be  weird and he would be nervous and he wouldn't even recognize her after a month of texts and calls (she only met him once in real life!). It went spectacularly, and when he was sitting on the plane to fly back, the flight randomly got cancelled despite no bad weather and they got an extra day together! Since then, they have shared so many incredible memories. They have had so many awesome dates and trips - their favorite was two weeks driving around New Zealand in a campervan, exploring wineries and hikes. They have adopted the sassiest pup Pippa, and she's pretty much the highlight of every day!

Andrew sent Jenny’s Clear Cut engagement ring to her parents house and proposed a few feet away from where they met on North Ave beach, almost exactly 2 years to the date!

She had a feeling something was coming - her mom and sister seemed extra busy running around all week and Andrew seemed nervous. “My engagement ring blew me out of the water, it was so much prettier than what I could've hoped for (even despite the fact that we went ring shopping together!). Andrew also surprised me with a little engagement party after the proposal with his family, my family, and my best friends!”

They are getting married in Charleston, SC in May 2022! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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