Clear Cut Couples: Jessica and Joe

Jessica and Joe both went to The University of Maryland, but they didn't know each other and graduated two years apart. After college, Joe moved to NYC for work and Jessica moved back to NJ to live with her parents while she was in graduate school. A few months after finishing graduate school, one of Jessica’s girlfriends from college planned a trip up to NYC with her boyfriend and she met up with them in the East Village for drinks. They had brought a wonderful guy, Pat, to set her up with. After drinks, they all went back to Pat's apartment in the Upper East Side to hang out. Well... Joe was Pat's roommate. So it didn't work out with Pat, but Jessica met Joe and they’ve been together for over two years since.

Jessica started getting on Joe's case about the proposal happening in late 2018. He kept saying, "the first half of 2019 is when I'll propose and that's all you need to know!" Well... the first half of 2019 had other plans. The day Joe went to pick out Jessica’s diamond was the day he got the call from Memorial Sloan Kettering that he needed to make an appointment after some troubling MRI results. A few weeks later, he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a cancer of the white blood cells. He had planned to propose in Aruba in April, but they had to cancel the trip. He moved up the proposal to March because he wanted to propose before becoming affected by his chemotherapy treatments. He took Jessica to the beach where he first told Jessica he loved her and asked her to marry him right there.

Jessica says she was screaming!! Afterward, he surprised her by having her whole family, his whole family and so many of their friends at a restaurant in NJ. One of Jessica’s girlfriends even flew in from Charleston for the proposal!

They’re happy to report that Joe is doing very well and the engagement and wedding planning has definitely been incredibly positive and fun during their difficult situation.

Jessica was blown away by her solitaire ring on a yellow gold band! Joe was lucky because he had some insider information -- Jessica told him exactly what she wanted. Jessica says she was so excited Olivia made it!

They are getting married at Battello in Jersey City in March 2021. It's almost 2 years away, but they want to take their time with planning. Congratulations Jessica and Joe! We are so thrilled for you and cannot wait to hear about the wedding!

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