Clear Cut Couples: Jessyca and Ahmad

Jessyca and Ahmad met while Ahmad was in New York City for a work trip in 2015. Ahmad and Jessyca had already been following each other via social media, and had many mutual friends from their hometown of New Orleans, LA. They met up over drinks in Harlem and the rest is history!! Since then, they have been dating for over 3 1/2 yrs. The first half of their relationship Ahmad And Jessyca would visit each other for weeks at a time every month due to Ahmad living in New Orleans, LA, and Jessyca living in New York City. In September 2017, Ahmad relocated to New York City to be with his true love. AWWWWW!

Ahmad proposed to Jessyca on her 30th birthday at The Palace of Versailles in France for their annual birthday trip. After taking a tour of the estate's indoors, Ahmad found a quiet spot in the garden so they could have a birthday photoshoot for Jessyca.

Ahmad promised Jessyca a new cell phone for her birthday, so it was a complete surprise to her when he asked her if she would marry him. Jessyca's was caught off guard and asked "Are you serious!?", and after a few minutes of tears of happiness quickly added, "Yes!". She also "loves the ring much more than the new cell phone" that was promised to her.

They are still enjoying their engagement and will start the wedding planning process in the next few months. Congrats Jessyca and Ahmad -- we are SO happy for you!!!

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