Clear Cut Couples: Jill and Chris

Jill and Chris met, as the kids say, IRL. Jill was at Brazen Fox in the East Village waiting for a friend to meet her to watch the Chicago Cubs playoff game. The friend that she was meeting got held up at work so Jill was sitting solo with the bar stool next to her saved. Chris and his buddies showed up and asked if they could have the seat that she was saving. She said that someone was coming. Well, her friend took so long to get there, they asked if she was really expecting someone. Her friend, who happened to be a guy, finally showed up. At that point the Jill and Chris had been talking for some time and you could tell he felt deflated. His first comment was, "You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend!" She said, “I didn't tell you because I don't have one, that is my good friend for close to ten years who has a girlfriend I am friends with.” After they got over that hurdle, he asked for her number. They then proceeded to continue to meet up in larger groups before they went on their first date. That year the Cubs ended up winning the World Series, which to her was a sign from the start. They both also happen to be from Chicago, which is yet another sign!

Jill was getting ready to run the NYC Marathon and Chris asked if she wanted to do dinner and a movie the Friday before the race. She doesn’t remember the restaurant they went to, but it was an Italian restaurant in the East Village. They had a great dinner, amazing conversation and then continued on to see The Accountant (which they didn’t like very much LOL!). They kissed goodnight and then proceeded to have 245692956 dates thereafter. The Cubs won the World Series in late October of 2016. They dubbed November 1st as their dating anniversary so they have been together for over three years!

They LOVE to travel! They have been to many different places together -- Greece, Tulum, Bermuda, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Montauk, Newport -- the list goes on. One of their favorite places on the east coast is Cape Cod. Chris' aunt and uncle live there year round and they try to go out there a couple times during the summer. It's such a peaceful, beautiful place to go and they always have the best time and come back completely relaxed.

They also got a dog right after Christmas (2018). They were going back and forth about getting one and decided when they found the right dog, that would be when the time was right. They adopted Hank from Animal Haven and have been in love with him ever since. Moving in together was a highlight for Jill. When they moved in together after a few months it just reconfirmed everything for her, that she knew they were meant to be together because they lived so well together.

8/17/19 was the best day of their lives! Jill loves riding bikes and they decided to participate in one of her favorite summer activities, summer streets, when they close the streets to traffic and people can run, walk, bike, etc. Chris was asking her all week if they were going to do summer streets (they always do!) and she wondered in the back of her head why he kept asking. They woke up that morning and took out Citi bikes and rode to about 39th and Park. At that part of the ride, Chris asked if they could pull over for water that Jill had in her bag. Chris got right down to business after they had sips of water, he said, "I have a question" and a huge smile spread across his face. She knew immediately what was about to happen and then he got down on one knee. She was completely shocked and started crying instantly. His sister was planted across the street (she didn't see her) and got some amazing photos of them and that special moment.

Jill told Chris the one thing she wanted was to be completely surprised. She knew it was going to happen one day, she just didn't know when that day was going to be and she is so happy she didn't. They were going to Greece a few weeks after they got engaged and she thought it may happen there, but she is glad it happened before because then they were able to treat Greece as their engagement moon!

She absolutely loves the ring. She didn't give Chris too much guidance. He has such great taste, so she knew whatever he picked out would be her style. She did tell him that she liked Oval diamonds. They didn't try on rings before together because she did really want to be hands off. She wanted it to be something that he picked out on his own because to her, that is incredibly special knowing he pulled it all together into a beautiful piece of jewelry that she will treasure forever.

Their wedding is 10/23/20 at the Central Park Boathouse! She lived in NYC for almost ten years, and Chris has lived there for six. They knew that they wanted an NYC wedding because they consider it their home now as opposed to Chicago. They looked at one venue, the Boathouse, and knew that was their spot! Congrats Jill and Chris!! We are SO happy for you!! 

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