Clear Cut Couples: Mekena and Sam

Mekena and Sam met online! They had been talking while Sam was away on a trip to Thailand and the day he was back, they finally got to FaceTime each other. When they talked the conversation just flowed and Mekena asked him when they would get to meet in person. He said he didn’t know, and she said “how about right now?” It was 10pm… he said “let’s leave it up to chance” he grabbed a quarter and said “heads I come over, tails I don’t” he flipped the quarter and said “well, I guess I’m coming over.” Mekena later found out it was tails 😂. He came over and they talked until 4AM despite having work at 7! Mekena tells people he moved in that night because he literally never left after that!

In 2020, when Covid hit and they were all quarantined, they decided to build out a 2001 Land Rover Discovery that he purchased to have a bed and drawer system in the back. They took it on a 4,000 mile road trip across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and California. They saw 7 National Parks. They hiked together, were smelly together, cooked under the stars together, drove hours together, and it was the best time ever. There’s nothing like a 2 week road trip to test a relationship! It was a trip they will both never forget.

For Mekena’s 26th birthday, they flew to Hawaii to celebrate. They were planning a couples photo shoot with someone that they had been following on Instagram for awhile. When they arrived, Sam had already gotten a videographer ready and waiting for them at the location. They were on the North Shore of Oahu and there was nobody else on the beach, the hills in the background were absolutely gorgeous. The photographer and Sam had a code word and when she said it, he dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Mekena knew about the ring because she wanted to help design it, but made it clear she did not want to see it in person until he proposed. She was suspicious about it being on her birthday, but didn’t want to get her hopes up. When it actually happened she said she blacked out and forgot she had to respond with “yes!” It was a cute, funny, and unforgettable moment

For their wedding, they have decided on Summer 2024. So they have a couple of years to enjoy being engaged and figure it all out! Congrats you two we are SO happy for you!

Photos by @estherscanon