Clear Cut Couples: JT and Rachel

JT and Rachel both went to school at College of the Holy Cross - Rachel went to a party at JT's dorm room. JT had a picture up for the San Francisco Giants and they bonded over going to Giants games when they were kids. JT’s family still lived in the Bay Area while Rachel moved to upstate New York in Middle School From there, they just started talking.

They were in college and there was a shuttle that would take them into Boston. They walked the streets of the North End "looking" for a restaurant that looked good (JT had planned out which one that they were going to in advance) and ended up at an amazing family Italian restaurant, Ristorante Saraceno. After that, they were supposed to go ice skating in Boston Common, but it was too cold so they ended up catching a last minute movie, Frozen, instead. They ended the night by just sitting on a bench in Faneuil Hall talking because they were too young and broke to do much of anything else. Also, six years later they were sure to relive their first date by going to Ristorante Saraceno and catching Frozen 2 in theaters! AWW! They have been together for over 8 years, since then! They have shared so many incredible memories since then. 

JT took Rachel to his family's Christmas party only about 2 months after they started dating where she immediately met about 50 of his family members. They still don't know why he thought that was a good idea, or why she said yes to going, but they’re so glad it worked out.

Rachel studied abroad in Spain for six months during college while JT finished up his senior year at Holy Cross. They had to get used to texts, FaceTimes, and calls rather than seeing each other on campus. JT flew over at the end of Rachel's time in Europe and they spent 10 amazing days together in Paris over New Year's.

Rachel asked JT if they could get a dog and he said yes thinking she'd never actually go through with it. A couple months later they flew out to Montana from Boston, MA during the summer of 2020 to pick up their puppy, Tucker! They turned it into a trip and visited Jackson and Yellowstone, which was so much fun and then flew home with their new pup. JT and Tucker are now best friends and Tucker has become a regular in JT's work office.

JT proposed December 11, 2021! Rachel and JT went to Rachel's hometown (Skaneateles, NY) because he said that he wanted to see her family and the town at Christmas time. Skaneateles does a "Dickens Christmas" where everything is decorated for the holidays and there are different festive activities while actors dressed up as Charles Dickens characters walk around and carol throughout the town. Rachel’s family happened to be in town early for the holidays because their Thanksgiving had been cut short due to family members having COVID.

Rachel went with her mom to the spa that morning to have brunch and get her nails done (not unusual for them to do) while JT and the rest of the family secretly prepared at home under the cover that they were helping another family friend plan a surprise birthday party.

JT and Rachel then went into town to walk around and shop with the plan of getting a Christmas card photo while they were in town. Rachel insisted on making a couple stops, almost messing up JT’s timeline for proposing. Finally, JT was able to lead Rachel to the gazebo in the middle of town which was all decorated for the holidays to “take their Christmas card”. It was there that he proposed and a photographer was hidden to capture the moment. He surprised her by saying that not only was her entire family in town, but he had his family fly out (from Chicago and San Francisco) to be there and celebrate with them. JT had coordinated all the travel with his dad - not even letting his mom and sisters in on the secret until they were a week out to avoid the secret getting out. After that, everyone went back to Rachel's family's house where they had set up a surprise engagement party and they all celebrated throughout the weekend with friends and family.

While the proposal was a surprise (Rachel didn’t think it would happen until 2022), they had looked at rings at the Clear Cut together in September and JT had figured out what Rachel liked. Rachel didn't know that JT had bought the ring on that trip and then had the ring since October. He even had it with them on a trip back to NY to show Rachel's mom at Thanksgiving. Rachel LOVED the ring and asked if it was the one she had told JT was her favorite (it was).

As for their wedding they are hoping for Napa, California in Spring 2023! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photographer: @alainadavisphotography