Clear Cut Couples: Kasey and Veronica

Kasey and Veronica met through their exes in Denver, who happened to be roommates, and siblings…go figure! Veronica was in grad school and Kasey was in town visiting friends. It took them a few years to reconnect after that first meeting but once they did, they felt a spark immediately and knew that they had to be together. They dated long distance for a year while Veronica lived in Chicago and Kasey lived in New York City. Eventually, Veronica joined Kasey in Brooklyn where they lived in their first apartment together, and eventually made their way back to Denver.

Their first date was nerve wracking because living in different cities really meant both of them taking a leap of faith that they would be willing to spend several days together as their “first date” and hope it wouldn’t be a complete disaster. On their true first date, they went to Untitled Supper Club in Chicago. It's a prohibition-era revival with an incredible menu and live entertainment. They ate dinner while listening to live music and then toured each room which had different themes, including a whiskey tasting along the way. The rest is history! Since then, they have been together for 3 years!

Some of their most memorable moments have been on the trips that they have taken together. They always plan a beach trip each year and try to make sure it’s to a more rustic island that's a little off the grid. However, they always fail to remember that 1) smaller islands don’t have hospitals, and 2) Veronica is the most accident-prone person on the planet. Some of these “adventures” have involved run-ins with scorpions, sleeping in huts with mosquito nets, merely evading an overly eager and hungry wild horse, and tumbling off a vespa on the beach!!

Veronica proposed to Kasey while snowshoeing near her family cabin in Colorado. It was a warm sunny day so it seemed like a great opportunity to take advantage and get outside. The trail ran along a river so when they came across a scenic spot, Veronica suggested stopping to take a photo. She’s into photography and carries an excessive number of cameras and tripods with her on these excursions, so when she started setting up the equipment Kasey didn’t think much of it as it wasn’t out of the norm. They posed for some photos and that’s when Veronica got down on one knee. She was so nervous that all she could say was, “so what do you think?” Kasey was totally stunned and remained silent so Veronica finally pushed out a few sentimental words and ultimately asked Kasey to marry her…with continued shock and silence, Veronica began to panic slightly and followed up with, “please!?” After Kasey finally came to, she was overwhelmed with excitement and of course said yes! They celebrated by hiking a bit more and setting up a picnic and hot toddies in the snow.

Kasey was extremely surprised! She had a feeling a proposal was coming in the near future (next year) but not this soon. Looking back, she feels like she should’ve picked up on some of the signs but is very glad that she didn’t. Kasey can still not get over the ring. It’s so gorgeous, and she still catches herself staring at it throughout the day. She’s so grateful and impressed at Veronica’s selection with no guidance whatsoever. On top of that, another hobby of Veronica’s is woodworking. So, in order to commemorate the first home that they bought together, Veronica made Kasey’s ring box out of some wood from a tree in their backyard.

They are enjoying being engaged before they get into the planning phase. Veronica’s family is from Argentina and Chile so they’re considering traveling or a local wedding in Colorado where they both have strong family ties. They might just do a small wedding in South America with a celebration in Colorado! Congrats you two!