Clear Cut Couples: Katie and Sam

Katie and Sam met in college at TCU! At the time, they were both dating other people and the first time they hung out was on a double date together. Those relationships ended, and they remained close friends following that. They were always interested in one another and would casually "date" when they were both single - but never ended up officially dating because the timing never quite worked out. Katie always had a huge crush on Sam, and all of their college friends knew that they were going to end up dating eventually, but just didn't know when the timing was ever going to work! After college, they ended up both staying in Fort Worth. Finally - the timing aligned a few years after they graduated, and they started officially dating in Fall of 2018.

Their first "official" date was on November 30th, 2018. They ended up getting dinner at this great little restaurant in Fort Worth, and ended up running into 2 groups of TCU friends at the same restaurant, seated right next to them. People had asked them if they were "back together" and seeing them out on a date all but confirmed it :) After that, they started officially dating and the rest is history! They’ve been together a little over two years officially, but have known each other for about 6-7 years and had casually, on-and-off dated for about 3-4 of those years. They both joke that they always knew they were going to end up together, but just didn't know when the timing would work out, and it finally did!

They have so many fond memories from all the years they’ve known each other - both when they were together in college and in the years following. They loved going to college formals and events together, and even tailgating for TCU's football games! Katie’s favorite moment with Sam was the first time they went to the beach when he visited her in California over the holidays, which was where he first told her that he loved her. They recently moved to DC together, which was the first big step they took in their relationship as a couple. Their favorite trips have been to Cabo with Sam's family, Florida with Katie’s family (where they got engaged :), and Mammoth this past June with some of their friends! They also love getting to spend time in their hometowns, Tulsa, OK and Orange County, CA as well.

Sam proposed on Katie’s family's vacation this Fall in Florida. The day after they arrived, he took her to the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach to grab a quick drink before they met up with her family for dinner. She said, “We walked through the hotel, and then Sam pulled me aside to sit down for a minute, which is when he handed me a gift bag. I opened the bag to find a book full of photos of us, all the way back to our first date. I flipped through the book, and the last page was blank with the inscription ‘I Love You Forever.’ From there, he stood me up, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. All I remember was wanting to scream YES the second I saw him get down on one knee!”

Katie was absolutely shocked! Sam had always told her he wanted her to be really surprised, but she was convinced that she would be able to figure it out and would secretly know he was going to propose. This was not the case! She was totally shocked and immediately burst into tears the moment she realized he was proposing. She said, “I could barely see the ring because I was crying so hard at the time! When I actually saw the ring for the first time, I was in love. It was exactly what I had always wanted, and I was so excited it was a Clear Cut diamond! I could not love the ring more, it made the engagement so special and absolutely perfect.” For the wedding, their tentative plan at the moment is to aim for a wedding in late 2021 / early 2022! They are so excited for the big day and can't wait to tie the knot!