Clear Cut Couples: Kolbe and Sable

Kolbe and Sable met in high school! Kolbe said, “She was my high school dream. We met when I was 14 years old and she was 16. She would give me rides home often from school because I couldn’t drive and was a younger sibling of an old friend. I loved her for a really long time but was never sure how I was going to manage landing a date.” After multiple attempts, and multiple times getting turned down, he landed his very first date with her at 18 as a freshman in college.

Their first date was at the local fair. It’s a big thing for them in their smaller agriculture town. They walked around, ate, and people watched for most of the night. They never really made it around to the rides or any of the extras just because they enjoyed their conversation so much. Since then, they have been dating for over 2 years and have been friends for 6 years!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. Kolbe said, “The best part of the relationship is the same thing we experienced on the first date. The conversation and the connection is still very strong.” Spring time in their town is the perfect weather before the heat sets in and one of their favorite things to do that time of year is make or pick up dinner and go sit somewhere near the fields while the sun sets. They eat, talk, and have the best view. It’s good quality time for the both of them. Being in each other’s company in a peaceful setting helps them unwind and bond after a long busy week.

Kolbe proposed at the end of March 2021. He told her that they were going on one of the dates he just described above, but this time he had their close friends set up a date in the middle of almond orchards with food, wine, pizza (her favorite), and flowers. “She’s a simple person so I always knew a proposal for her had to be just that; intimate but thought out with just the two of us.”

Sable was very surprised! When they walked up, she got a clue as to what was happening, but she was definitely very excited and emotional. Once their moment was through, and she finally took a look at the ring, she cried again. “I had it designed in a way that was very her. She recognized that immediately and fell in love. She still can’t get over how pretty it is!”

They are planning on getting married at the beginning of April. It will be outdoors at their favorite time of year, and they are hoping it’s just a big party with the people that they love most. They plan on having pizzas delivered towards the end of the party, as a memento to the proposal.

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