Clear Cut Couples: Kyla and Jake

Kyla and Jake swiped right during the very beginning of the pandemic and met up for a walk with their dog, Kali, for their first date. They chatted the whole walk and Kyla obsessively talked about plants. Jake was enamored immediately and asked her on a second date that same night to go buy plants for his apartment, and she said yes! The plants died… but the love did not! 

They have been together for 4 years, since right before lockdown and there is no one else either of them would have wanted to spend isolation with. Their little family started with 8 legs, but continued to grow by legs of 4!

They have shared countless incredible memories over the years! There is a lake at the end of a big hike that they would go on frequently, breakneck pond in Bigelow State Park. They would always stop for a rest and let their dog Kali swim. This is where she learned to swim. This is also where they first told each other “I love you.”

Jake surprised her with a trip to Aruba. After they arrived, he had many activities planned, but on the second day he told her that he had dinner reservations at a “fancy” restaurant and brought her to a picnic on the beach. It was the most dreamy way to say “yes!” 


The ring is stunning! She said, “It’s everything I could have wanted. He designed the band after hair ties, which we’ve been wearing for the past year on our ring finger, with this gorgeous subtle crossover in the double band. He designed the basket setting after a painting my father painted of two figures hugging. He put our birthstones on opposite sides of the interior of the ring, and a diamond on the base of the basket to represent our love.” As for now, their wedding plans are still TBD! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photos by: @al.studios