Clear Cut Couples: Lauren and Frank

Lauren and Frank met in 2021 at a party in NYC where they were introduced by their mutual friends. Lauren saw Frank across the room and insisted that they be introduced. They immediately started having so much fun together and talked and danced for the rest of the night! The rest is history!

For their first date, Frank made a reservation for dinner at a restaurant inside of a cheese factory in Chelsea. She was really excited because cheese is her number one food group! When she got there, he had already ordered her a drink and everything on the menu that didn’t have cheese. Turns out Frank HATES cheese, but he thought she would love the restaurant. Of course she ordered herself a burrata. They talked all night, as if they had known each other for years.

They have been together for 3 years and counting, and have shared countless memories together. They love to travel together. They’ve been trekking through the Alps, boating along the Italian riviera, drinking through Dublin, hiking into the Grand Canyon, strolling through the streets of Tuscany. Everyday is such an adventure when they’re together. Their other favorite moments have been moving in together and bringing home their puppy, Bear!

They were on a hiking trip in Grand Teton National Park and Frank had been planning the proposal for months. He had the ring in his pocket and was waiting for the right moment, when they were both alone and peaceful. He asked her on a sunrise hike. They were standing in front of the Snake River as the sun rose behind the mountains, lighting the whole view in pink. It was such an amazing and surreal moment!

Lauren knew it was coming, but she was actually really surprised at the moment. She kept interrupting his very well-practiced proposal speech because she thought he was just being extra sweet. They had looked at rings together a few months before (she is picky and he knows that well!). She decided on an old euro cut diamond, but never saw the final ring until he proposed! She said, “It exceeded every expectation and it’s all thanks to the Clear Cut!”

As for their wedding, they are planning a very small wedding for next summer, with just their closest family together for a week in a villa in Tuscany.