Clear Cut Couples: Laura and Shervin

Laura and Shervin first met their Freshman year of college on a rainy night. Laura was walking with her roommate and Shervin was walking with her roommate's boyfriend to give back Laura's umbrella. Not many words were exchanged, but Shervin had reached out to his friend a few days later and was eager to be introduced to Laura again. This then led to the first date...

At the very beginning of their Spring semester of their Freshman year, Laura invited Shervin to her friend's surprise birthday party at a rooftop restaurant in Cambridge, MA. It was absolutely freezing out, but they still drank frozen margaritas and Laura barely ate her burrito since she was so nervous. Shervin came to find out a few weeks later, Laura is a big foodie and this may have been the only time she has ever wasted amazing food! The rest is history!! They celebrated five years on 2/26/2021!

They have shared so many incredible memories together! They traveled to Canada, Bar Harbor, Martha's Vineyard, New York, St. John USVI, Mexico, London, Spain, and are soon relocating to Denver, Colorado! They really enjoy traveling and exploring together, but most importantly, they look forward to eating great food on all of their trips!

Their very first trip together was to Quebec, Canada. On this trip, Shervin planned a romantic evening which included fine dining and a horse and carriage ride. During this romantic dinner, the waiter asked them how long they have been married and Shervin instantly became awkward and did not know how to respond to the waiter. However, this is when he realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Laura. Laura still does not forget Shervin's reaction and still laughs about it to this day. They moved into their first apartment together which had a view of Fenway park during their Junior year of college in the Fenway area of Boston.

Knowing that Laura is really hard to surprise, especially considering she had been waiting to be proposed to, Shervin had to propose to Laura when she would least expect it. After driving around Boston on a quick drive to get bubble tea, which was one of their favorite outings during quarantine, Shervin had tried to convince Laura to park and walk along the Charles River a few times. Laura was being herself and wanted to go back to their apartment. So... Shervin had to either delay the engagement to another day OR get creative. So, when they got back to the apartment, Shervin bribed the concierge in their building to let them on the roof deck which was closed due to COVID-19 during sunset. Once Shervin had gotten the concierge on board, he now had to convince Laura to go to the roof deck even though she was skeptical about it being closed.

Laura helped pick out the diamond so she knew it was only a matter of time before the proposal would happen, but she was so surprised when it actually happened (although she may have been tipped off by Shervin being nervous!) She absolutely loves the ring and could not be happier that Shervin decided to use The Clear Cut.

They will have a destination wedding in St. John, USVI on 4/14/2022! They took a recent trip there together and couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else!!


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