Clear Cut Couples: Demi and Peter

Demi and Peter have such a unique story of how they met! Peter went on a trip to Punta Cana with Demi’s family, but she stayed home. Peter wakes up very early every single morning like clockwork so, in Punta Cana, he woke up early and no one was up yet out of the group, so he decided to go get breakfast. That’s when he saw Demi’s grandmother sitting down having breakfast by herself. She was the only one up at the time, as well. Peter went and sat with her because he recognized her from the group he was with. He said that he didn’t want her sitting alone. AWW! They ended up having a great conversation… and Demi’s grandma showed him photos, telling him that she had a beautiful Italian granddaughter back home that he would love! After they got home, Demi got a call three weeks later with Peter telling her that story! And the rest is history!

For their first date, Peter’s family owns a condo on the water and he invited her there and they went to the 3rd floor to overlook the lake. They had sushi and blueberry wine - it was such a beautiful first date! They have been together for 3 years since and have shared so many incredible memories since then. They love to travel the world together and go out to dinner -- every day is a highlight!

They were taking family photos on Christmas eve when the proposal happened! Demi just had a nephew born in October and they asked her to hold the baby for a photo.

When they went to hand him to her, his onesie said, “Will you marry my uncle Petey?”

It was such a surprise! She could not believe what was happening and she was over the moon that Peter remembered “The Clear Cut” name when she mentioned it. 

They are planning to have a big Italian wedding with all their family and friends in New York! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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