Clear Cut Couples: Jasmine and Stephen

Jasmine and Stephen had their first date at Wine Bar in Astoria, NY. Jasmine said, “I will never forget that day, because it truthfully changed both of our lives. We had a few drinks and talked for hours. I knew then that this was the start of something special.” AWW!

Since then, they have been together for almost 8 years!! They met when Jasmine was 22 years old and he was 24 - now, she’s going to be 30 and he's going to be 32!!

Over the years, they have grown so much together, individually as professionals and as a couple. “I have never loved anyone as much as I love Stephen.”

They have shared so many incredible memories over the course of their relationship - Jasmine said, “ I don't even know where to start! We have been together for so long.” One thing is for sure: their anniversary is one of the most important dates, which is when they got engaged! And Cape Cod has now officially become one of their favorite places and they hope to continue to visit on the regular.

Stephen proposed on February 15th 2021! They finally decided to go away for a short weekend to Cape Cod and stay at a historical cottage on the water. It was so beautiful, there was a pond right behind the cottage. Each day that they were there, they enjoyed their time by the fireplace and just spent all the time that they possibly could together.

The proposal was a two day event! On Valentines day, Stephen surprised her by lighting a fire downstairs, laying out rose petals, and lighting candles. He cooked an amazing dinner too. Jasmine said, “I really felt so spoiled! The next day Is when Stephen really surprised me.” They went to two beaches, because she loves the water, and how serene and beautiful they are especially during the winter. They walked around the first beach for a while, collecting sea glass and beach rocks to keep for memories.

Then, she got really cold and they decided to go back and look for something to eat. They ended up walking around an antique store; afterward, Stephen stalled. At that point, he was talking to the secret photographer. They drove to another beach and by that time, it began to rain, “I was tired and hungry - so I began to get annoyed and wanted to go back to the cottage.” Stephen was driving really slow and she had no idea as to why. They left the beach then went back, he was literally going 18 mph! Then, they finally drove back to the beach and walked to an overlook -where you can see the water. Stephen gave her an album she gave him for their 2 year anniversary - it stated 24 reasons why she loves him. The photos that were in there were black and white. He added onto it, including photos over the years... towards the end he got down on one knee and they were both crying. “That was truthfully the most magical day of my life. Later that evening, we celebrated back at the cottage”

Jasmine was SO surprised! She had no clue what was going on and was in complete shock at first! She said, “My ring is the most beautiful and memorable piece of jewelry I will ever own!” As for their wedding, they want a small intimate wedding. Jasmine is Indian and Stephen is mainly Italian so they want to incorporate both of their cultures. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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