Clear Cut Couples: Lex and Cailin

Lex and Cailin met on a rooftop in Florida. Not the night time dance party kind of roof top, the lazy friend-of-a-friend-pool-nap kind of roof top. Still, that’s where it all started for them. They’ve been together for 2.5 years since! We’re obsessed with their proposal story: it’s back at the place where they had their first date. Talk about the perfect romantic and meaningful proposal!

Lex proposed to Cailin in March. A dear friend of theirs came up with a story that gave the two a plausible reason to return to the restaurant where they had their first date -- such an adorable idea! The restaurant is a delicious and trendy Chinese restaurant in Williamsburg with negronis and mai tais on tap. Lex had the perfect surprise waiting in the restaurant. They arrived in a car and Lex popped a knee on the sidewalk before they went in. Cailin was SO surprised! The pictures of their engagement have a '96 Nissan Sentra and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in the background, very fitting! 

Next, they went in to the restaurant, to a back private room space where her parents, god father, brother, and Lex’s family were waiting with champagne and hugs. Cailin was shocked and delighted. She adored the ring! It took her a minute to gather herself, but when she had a moment alone with her ring, she was absolutely in awe. All of her friends have been envious of the ring’s beautiful details.

For their wedding, they still have a lot to plan -- what we’ve heard is they plan to have margaritas and oysters. Probably not at the same time -- more on that to come later. We can’t wait to hear about it! Congratulations you two!