Clear Cut Couples: Abbey and Alec

Abbey and Alec met in January of 2015. She was looking for a new place to live in D.C. through her friend Ali. She ended up getting a month- to-month lease in Glover Park and soon after, met her new roommates: Alec and Mike. The three of them went to dinner with a group of Mike’s friends and Alec and Abbey sat next to each other. They ended up talking most of the night since they both didn’t know anyone else at the dinner. Abbey says Alec was flirtatious and she was surprised but went along with it. They had asked each other if they were both single. Alec said, “I just want to find someone to love and for someone to love me back.” Abbey says her heart melted – that’s exactly what she’s always wanted too. Later that night Alec kissed her. Since then, the two have been inseparable and they have been together for four years. Abbey remembers all her friends saying dating a roommate is a big mistake – but Abbey insisted it was fine. She really enjoyed being around him.

She says, “I tried to be just very self-aware of how I felt and also to not hold back on communicating what I was thinking or wanted. I pushed myself to understand my feelings and to ask myself hard questions. Once I knew where I stood, I was really forward and open with him about where I was.” The two were open and honest with each other and realized they wanted to be together and from there on, took it one day at a time. Whenever one of them brought something up, the other was always thinking the same thing.

Alec invited Abbey and Mike to New York for the weekend, but Mike couldn’t join. With a group of friends, Abbey and Alec visited Alec’s parents in Connecticut. As they were driving home, one of Alec’s friends, Sulman asked, “So Abbey, does it bother you that Alec introduced you to his parents as his roommate?” At the time, it didn’t bother her – but when he asked, she realized it did. They needed to define the relationship. Then, their friend Bahar pulled them aside and said “OMG are you guys dating or not?” From then on, they were!

Abbey knew Alec was someone special since the beginning – three weeks after meeting him, she got a job offer in another city. It was a job she always dreamed of, but she declined the offer since she was so happy with how things were going. She says, “Something about him just always felt right, even so early on.” He was her person. On a trip to visit Alec’s alma mater, Vanderbilt they met two of Alec’s college friends and they went to brunch. After, Alec played “What I love About You,” by Logan Mize for Abbey. After the song was over, he said I love you and she said it back.

A few months after Abbey was searching on google flights and found an incredible deal to go to Copenhagen. Abbey planned the details of the trip and Alec made the dinner reservations. Alec proposed on the way to pre-dinner sunset drinks. They were walking to Kulturtårnet. It’s an old tower where you can look out on the harbor. It was the perfect photo opp and Alec knew it. He had a special surprise up his sleeve. She wanted to get a photo together, and a “stranger” agreed to take the photo. She instructed them to take off Alec’s jacket and positioned them perfectly – before Abbey knew what was happening, Alec was on one knee asking her to marry him. Alec had been in touch with the “stranger” for the absolutely perfect surprise. They went to dinner at 108 then went back to their hotel to call their families.

We’re in love with Abbey’s Oval Rose Gold and Platinum ring. Congratulations you two -- we cannot want to hear about the wedding! This story and its photos was adapted from Abbey’s Blog District Dress Up and this post about her engagement.