Clear Cut Couples: Mackenzie and Chris

Mackenzie and Chris met in a little sandwich shop in the West Village called BetterBeing which has since closed down. Chris was the chef and Mackenzie worked in the front of the house. Since then, the two have been together for four and a half amazing years!

On January 20, 2019, they were visiting Thailand, but Chris had a surprise for Mackenzie to turn this trip into one that would change their lives. They were at the Kanta Elephant Sanctuary on a tour to see elephants along with Mackenzie’s coworker, Netta, and her wife, Anna. Thankfully, Netta and Anna were in on the plan. Chris was waiting for Mackenzie to change out of her “elephant outfit.” Netta and Anna ushered Mackenzie down to the elephant area so they could get one last photo. That allowed Chris to ask, without any suspicion, if they could take one of him and Mackenzie. Once they were ready to take the photo, Chris got down on one knee and proposed.

The tour manager kept throwing bananas to the elephant so she would stay in the photo. It was truly a picture-perfect day!

Mackenzie was SO surprised and is obsessed with her radiant cut ring, as she says! As for now, they are planning for either a June or September/October wedding in Brooklyn. Congratulations Mackenzie and Chris -- we are so excited for you!