Clear Cut Couples: Nadia and Matt


Nadia and Matt met for the first time at a Greek restaurant in the Lower East side called Souvlaki. Nadia and her girlfriends (four of them in total) all invited two single guy friends. Her friend Sav brought Matt. He came to the dinner in a hipster hat and for one reason or another, the two didn’t really talk at all during dinner. That changed after. Once everyone finished dinner, they went to get drinks at the Bowery hotel. It was an instant connection. They didn't stop talking and were out until four in the morning. It happened to be Matt’s birthday and he planned on going to a party after -- he missed that. Matt also missed his flight to LA the next day. On top of that, he didn't get her number correctly.

Thanks to Savannah, he eventually got her number right. They started texting and planned for dinner the Sunday Matt got back from LA. Nadia says she just knew something was different about Matt -- he was different from any other guy Nadia has ever met. She just knew he was the one. The rest is history!

Since then, the two have been together for 2.5 years.

On their two year anniversary, which was also Matt’s birthday… he had secretly planned a big surprise party for Nadia. She thought they were just going to his birthday party, but it was really a much larger party with all of her friends.

On the way, Matt proposed along the water by their house. She thought Matt was making her take a ferry into the city, but then he got down on one knee. She was so surprised and loves her oval diamond rose gold ring!

For their wedding, they are planning on IBIZA! They plan for 2020 -- it’s far out, but it gives them enough time to plan an unforgettable wedding. They found the perfect spot on the last day of their trip over the summer. It was magical and just right for them. Nadia likes things simple and chic, Matt will want to find the party scene (we hear from Nadia 😂) so, Ibiza is perfect for both of them. Congratulations Nadia and Matt! We cannot wait to see pics from the wedding!