Clear Cut Couples: Mayank and Ananyaa

Mayank and Ananyaa are high-school sweethearts! They were really good friends in middle school, but lost touch for a while and then were re-introduced by a close mutual friend.

Their first date was a movie-date where a certain ‘someone’ picked a scary movie, followed by their favorite meal! The rest is history. They have been together for 12 years! They have been together since high-school, moved cities and countries for and with each other.

They have practically grown up together and have been an integral part in each other’s lives all throughout. It’s almost like they have known each other ever since they were born! They have shared countless memories. Some highlights include:

- They went to grad school at Columbia together and survived the pandemic, which in turn made them even closer.

- They love traveling and exploring new places and food. They’re both suckers for new experiences and are two people who would never say ‘no’ to any plan. One of the most fun memories are from an impromptu drive from SF that turned into a 4 day road trip to LA and nearby places - all they had were their phones & that’s it! They’re both serious planners so this was quite an adventure for them.

- Another memory that’s etched in their hearts is kayaking at midnight in the bioluminescent bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico - so magical!

- This year they’re on a spree to camp at national parks in the US (they’ve been to 6 already) and explore other countries (heading to the land of baguettes in late Sept)

Mayank made Ananyaa’s dream proposal come true! Everything was so magical. Maasai Mara has always held a really special place in her heart since childhood and she has always wanted to go there. And she loves sunsets. On the big day, they were out on a day-long safari and Mayank had planned a sundowner proposal. They were out on an evening safari when the jeep pulled into a spot in the middle of the Mara grassland with a tent and bonfire set up and music playing in the background (definitely not a common sight in the Mara). She still had no idea what was happening! Right when she got out of the jeep, Mayank went down on one knee and said the sweetest words and popped the question! The answer was a definite yes (long one in the waiting) and they popped open the champagne and celebrated the wonderful news, with the beautiful sunset in the backdrop. 

This was not it - he had even planned for a 5 course meal afterwards in a gorgeous treehouse setting, all under the stars, where he showed her a short film he had made which had messages from their family. Everything about the proposal was just so magical and thoughtful - they couldn’t stop smiling for the next whole week if not more!

The proposal was definitely a surprise - she had no idea he had been planning all this. She loves her ring! It is stunning! They’re planning on getting married in the second half of 2024 and more importantly amidst nature. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!