Clear Cut Couples: Ross and Abbey

Ross and Abbey met at The Ohio State University back in 2014. They were good friends all throughout college until their senior year when they realized that they had more feelings toward each other :)

Ross and Abbey were both in Greek life at OSU and one late night at a party, Ross asked Abbey to study with him for exams at the library the next morning. Abbey thought there was little chance of that actually happening, but Ross showed up at Abbey's door the next day with coffee in hand and they went to study together. From that moment on, they have been attached at the hip! It took them a while to realize that they were more than good friends, but once they did, they didn't waste time. Ross took a job out of Madison, Wisconsin following college graduation and Abbey took a leap and quit her job to move out there to be with him. They lived there together for 3 years in Madison and that was the most special time of their lives. They were truly on their own for the first time with no family nearby and they always say that they grew up together in Madison. They also got their chocolate lab, Bane, in Madison!

Ross proposed on July 7th, 2023. He took Abbey out to a nice rooftop restaurant and they walked the Scioto River riverfront after dinner together where he proposed. It was just them two and it was perfect. The next day, Ross and family and friends surprised Abbey at one of the local wineries with a beautiful engagement party.

Timing was a surprise, but Abbey helped Ross pick out the ring with The Clear Cut. Abbey has followed The Clear Cut on Instagram for years and knew that is where she wanted her ring from. Although Abbey helped pick it out and knew what it was going to look like, it was still a dream seeing it in person. Abbey is super happy she was involved in the selection process and this is the ring of her dreams!

Abbey and Ross plan to get married in St.Thomas in 2024, where Abbey's parents were married in 1994. They are going to host a big party for friends and family in Columbus, Ohio. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!