Clear Cut Couples: Meghan and Josh

Meghan and Josh met at Rambling House, a bar in the Bronx, NY, and it was trivia night. Meghan hadn't been to this bar since she moved to where they live now, and Josh hadn't been to a trivia night ever considering his work schedule. She was there with some friends after her work Christmas party and Josh just happened to grab a burger with a friend. She started to flirt with Josh by trying to cheat at trivia, but he wouldn't give her the direct answer. He introduced himself, and she wrote her phone number on an ornament that was given out for trivia and the rest is history!

For their first date, they went out by Meg's apartment, and could not stop talking. The waitress came by about 3 times asking if they were ready to order, after an hour and a half they finally put their order in. They had a lot in common and the same sense of humor. They both regret not planning another place to go after their date because they didn't want the night to end. They have been together for over 2 years since then!!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years since then: trips to Florida, Philly, Louisville have all been special trips for them, just alone time and relaxing. One time, when Meg went on a work trip to CA for about a week, Josh had a heart made out of rose petals waiting for her when she got home. AWW! They love watching The Office together, the outdoors, trying new beers and hanging out with friends. 

Josh planned to propose 2 years after they met: 12/13/20. He wanted it to be special for Meg so he told her that they were going to have lunch at the vineyard located in her hometown, right down the street from her childhood home. They got to the vineyard and he had planned for two of her best friends to show up. She knew the second they walked around the corner what was going to happen. Her mom, her dad on FaceTime (because he lives in Alaska), friends and Josh walked towards the pond and he got down on one knee. Meg's mom arranged for a photographer to come and take some pictures, it was a day to remember!!

The day was a surprise, but the ring wasn't! It is a big investment and they have known since early on in their relationship that they were going to spend their lives together. Meg was involved in the process, but didn't know what the final product looked like. It killed her not knowing all the details, but it is stunning and they love it! As for their wedding, they are starting to plan soon! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!