Clear Cut Couples: Mihir and Niti

Mihir and Niti met in college when they were 19, but didn't start dating until years later. It's a long, complex, but pretty damn romantic story. Fun fact: Mihir said he knew from day one!! AWW!

They were long distance for the first 2.5 years of their relationship. So, they didn't have an official first date - they spent a lot of time texting, calling, and FaceTiming until they figured out a schedule to consistently see each other. Eventually, they both moved to Atlanta, GA, which is where they both live now. They have been together for 4.5 years!!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. Niti said, “Mihir is one of the most thoughtful humans I know. He goes above and beyond for literally everything. For example, for our 1 year anniversary, he was visiting me for the weekend and randomly came into the room and told me I needed to be ready in the hour. He said to look nice but be comfortable but would not tell me what was happening. Once we got in the car, he told me he bought seats to see The Weeknd and that's where we were going. 6 months later for Christmas, he planned a 3 part scavenger hunt that led to me picking a vacation in a city of my choice and a chance to see one of my favorites in concert.” 

They have had the privilege to travel to so many places - the greatest being a trip to California where they got to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway (a dream of Mihir's) over 3 days, and stop in different cities along the day.

They have been planning a COVID friendly vacation with Niti’s brother and his GF at Destin, FL for a while now since her brother lives so close to the area. They decided a few weeks ago that this weekend/week would be perfect since Mihir had days off to burn, Niti’s brother had off from school, and it was Thanksgiving week, so they could all go home after. This whole time the plan was to get there on Friday, and Niti’s brother and GF would meet them at dinner on Saturday and the 4 of them would stay in an Airbnb until Tuesday. Niti suggested a few weeks ago to do a nice dinner since they haven’t in a while and Mihir said he found a really nice place, but it was packed, so he got early dinner reservations at 4:30pm on Saturday (11/21/20). Mihir said that they should leave early because the bar was supposed to be really nice so they should aim to be there at 3:30pm so they could enjoy the bar before dinner.

Niti said, “Since I got my therapist's license, I assumed this trip was a gift as a congratulations. After the beach this morning he had to run some errands (we forgot a few essentials). I painted my nails in the meantime to prepare for dinner. He came back with a box. He said that was the real gift for my license and it was a dress. He said his sister picked it out and that I should wear it that night for dinner.” Little did she know...

They got ready and headed out. They parked and then Mihir came around and asked her to wear a blindfold. She started panicking because they were parked on the road and there were cars! Niti said, “He held my hand and I walked down stairs, got to the sand and someone helped me take off my shoes. I continued to follow him and eventually we stopped. He told me to take the blindfold off and he was on one knee. I looked around and immediately saw my mom and burst into tears. I always said the first person I wanted to see after we got engaged was my mom. The rest of my close family were there too. He said some really beautiful things that I have very little recollection of and asked me to marry me. He put the ring on and behind me was his immediate family. Turns out, he did rent an Airbnb until Tuesday, but not for the 4 of us like I thought, but this crazy mansion for my whole family to stay with us. Everyone was tested negative for  COVID-19 before coming. We got there and he had a full Italian meal catered and that's how we ended the night. I’m literally the luckiest person and soooo thankful.” 

It was a total surprise! Mihir fooled Niti tons, so she never thought he was proposing. She said, “Old mines and asschers were my dream and the fact that he went through The Clear Cut, who I love, and created this ring that is so special is incredible. From the proposal to the ring, I was shocked and reminded of why I fell in love with him.”

As for their wedding, they are holding off until they feel safe enough to be able to host such an event that includes their families and friends the way they have always wanted. Being 1st generation Southasian-Americans, they want a big wedding!! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!!