Clear Cut Couples: Annalesa and Jamie

Annalesa and Jamie met in the 3rd grade! Jamie told her that he had a crush on her in the 4th grade, but she turned him down! They both grew up in Jamaica and were friends growing up. They drifted apart when they started attending different schools, but they reconnected over social media... and the rest is history!

Their first date was a breath of fresh air - they had reconnected on social media and were talking through texts and video chats for a while. They were both hoping that the chemistry they had virtually would still be there when they met up in person.. and it was! It was a nice reminder for them, that though they were apart for so long, they knew each other and definitely weren’t strangers! The date was in Los Angeles, CA where they went on a hike up to the Hollywood sign.

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years since then! Something so special about their relationship is that they managed to fall in love while Annaleasa was in Japan and Jamie was in the US - almost 7000 miles apart with a 13 hour time difference (sometimes 14, depending on daylight savings).

Jamie proposed on January 2nd, 2021. Since they both grew up in Jamaica, Jamie definitely wanted to propose there. So when he got there, he delayed the proposal for a couple weeks to deter any suspicion or expectation of a proposal happening. He invited their families and friends to a really nice venue in their hometown and asked Annalesa’s friends to coordinate a day out with her for that date. As part of the day’s events, they would then take her to the venue where she would be surprised by family and friends, and Jamie - prepared to propose. He had the room decorated with a red carpet, rose petals, balloons and backdrop with the words “Will you marry me?” 

Watch the incredible video of their proposal here:

Jamie said, “I was hoping for it to be a complete surprise but apparently I gave a lot of hints (lol). She was not surprised about when it happened but was certainly surprised by how it happened. She absolutely loves the ring!”

As for their wedding, they are still deciding on the date but they aren’t looking to have a long engagement. They will likely do something very small to be safe during the pandemic and have a massive celebration with their families and friends when things go back to normal. They can’t wait to get married!

Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!!