Clear Cut Couples: Cristina and David

Cristina (Crissy) and David knew each other since they were kids because their families were good friends. They spent holidays & summers together growing up. They stayed in touch until David went to college! It had been 13 years, and 2 kids later, (David's kids) since they last saw each other at Crissy's Sweet 16! After all that time, they reconnected through social media. David had been working in NY often and asked to meet up and catch up over dinner and drinks! Crissy was raised in Queens and lives in the Upper East Side with her two pups, Henry & Chloe, and works as a pediatric nurse nearby. David was born and raised in Stamford CT and resides there with his two children and their pup, Chewy! Their first date was debatable! David considers the first date to be the first night they went out. They first decided to meet up to catch up on the last 13 years. Little did they know, they had so much to talk about... that they were literally kicked out of the restaurant by the end of the night! Their first dinner was in the UES, in Crissy's neighborhood. They ordered almost every tapas on the menu & drank lots of sangria and hours later found themselves to be the last ones at the restaurant. That's what David says their first date was!

Crissy considers the first date to be the night that they went out dancing, and the first time they kissed! They went for mexican food & live salsa music. They danced all night and ended the night at Crissy's favorite spot in Soho, dancing till the sun came up. Since then, they have been together 1.5 years! Crissy said, “But it feels like we have been together an entire lifetime!”

There are many highlights in their relationship- they enjoy eating and dancing! The most special moment in their relationship was when the time came to meet David's kids. David had been a single father and knowing that they were at the point in their relationship where they knew that they wanted to be together forever, it was important to know David's children, Jade & Xavier. The first outing they had - the 4 of them and 3 pups - was during Christmas 2019. They spent the day exploring NYC during the holiday season. They ended the day in Crissy's studio apartment with a movie, hot chocolate and crepes. It was the most perfect day!

David proposed on 12/26 which was Crissy's birthday- at Central Park Great Lawn- where they had their first picnic 2 summers ago. David said they were going for a walk through Central Park and starting her birthday celebration off there with a celebratory drink & then off to lunch. When they arrived there, David began to read a letter he wrote to her. It said: 

Two summers ago when it was a lot warmer, we had one of the most amazing days ever right here under this tree and there was a moment that day when I looked at you and said to myself, "when I ask Crissy to marry me it will be right here exactly where we spent this beautiful day, because that day I saw our future and have never looked back.” 

Right after the proposal and toasting to saying I do- David surprised her with a birthday / engagement lunch with their families at their favorite restaurant in the Upper West Side. Crissy said, “It was a surprise and I absolutely LOVED the ring, it is the most beautiful ring, I especially love it because he chose it for me!” They are looking to have an outdoor wedding filled with their families, great food & a live band for lots of dancing, May 2022. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!