Clear Cut Couples: Nate and Kara

Nate and Kara met at work! Nate thought she was very attractive and classy and decided to ask her out on a lunch date during his last week at the company. They went to Mercadito in Chicago for lunch during a workday. Kara was under the assumption that Nate was just being nice and celebrating her new promotion. After the date lasted 2 hours, he thought it was pretty clear that it was a date. Turns out, she was already into him and told her friends after lunch that she was going to have to ramp up the flirting because she thought she was the one making the moves. They have been together for over a year and a half since!

They have shared so many incredible memories since then! They especially love to travel together. Kara got him into golf and they have spent a lot of time doing that together - hence the proposal at a golf course!! Some of the best memories were just hunkering down together during the COVID lockdowns and spending a ton of time together. Because of that, they were able to get closer than ever!

Nate proposed while walking off of the 18th green after a round of golf with Kara, her brother Ian and his girlfriend Hannah. It was all planned, her mom and dad were there hiding and her dad was flying his drone above to get some great footage of the proposal. The day started out very rainy and windy, so it was hectic in the beginning, but it ended up being perfect (except, Nate says, for his score - turns out it’s pretty tough to play good golf when you’re shaking from nerves)!

Kara was very surprised! She had a good idea that it was going to be around the time it happened, maybe a couple weeks before or after the actual day. She got a birdie on the 15th hole and she recalls looking around after that and thinking “Wow, today would be a great day for the proposal!” All part of the plan! When he got down on one knee and opened the ring box, she said “Oh my gosh!”, grabbed him for a kiss, then removed her golf glove and said, “Give me that ring!”. She adores it and couldn’t be more excited about it. They are going to have a winter wedding out west in the mountains, likely Colorado, and are aiming for February 2022. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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