Clear Cut Couples: Connor and Michelle

Connor and Michelle met while Connor was visiting a mutual friend for New Years Eve at the University of Iowa. Connor won over Michelle's heart talking about dogs and they both knew there was something special about each other after that night. Michelle visited him for a weekend at Indiana University during their senior year of college. Although she was very nervous about the leap of faith she was about to take, it ended up being the best decision of her life. They have been together for over five years since then!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. They take a trip each winter to visit somewhere warm and escape the Chicago cold. Past trips have included Bonita Springs, Ft. Lauderdale, Hawaii, and the Dominican Republic. Their favorite trip was the one they took to Hawaii. It was highlighted with whale watching, hiking and lots of trips to the beach.

The highlight of their relationship though has been welcoming their corgi, Cora, into their lives. Connor and Michelle got Cora February 2020 after four years of Michelle begging for a corgi puppy each and every day. They could have never imagined that Cora would become the best quarantine pal possible and a local neighborhood celebrity.

Connor proposed to Michelle on Saturday, February 27th. Michelle believed that her and Connor were meeting friends at their favorite tapas restaurant to celebrate Connor's birthday. However, she was surprised when Connor left to take out the dog and her friend Nicole returned with a note letting her know that there was something else special planned for the day.

From that point on Connor sent Michelle on a scavenger hunt to places special to them around Chicago. At each spot Michelle was greeted by a different group of close friends who then delivered to her the next clue. Michelle ended the scavenger hunt on Lake Michigan near Navy Pier where Connor proposed.

Michelle did not think the day could be any better, but the surprises did not stop there. Michelle and Connor's families were waiting for them back at their apartment to celebrate. The night was then finished with a party at Diversey River Bowl with their close friends who helped Michelle and Connor with the proposal.

She had no idea the proposal was coming on that day. Just that morning her and Connor were looking over the brunch menu of the restaurant she believed to be going to that afternoon. When she saw the ring she was left speechless, leaving Connor concerned with the amount of time it took for her to say "Yes!” They are still in the early stages of wedding planning, but hope to get married in Chicago in 2022.


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