Clear Cut Couples: Nicole and Devin

Ironically enough, Nicole and Devin connected on social media right when quarantine started. They actually grew up in the same neighborhood, but never met each other due to their 3 year age difference and they went to different high schools. Devin was living and working in NYC, but because of the COVID pandemic, he came back to their hometown and stayed with his parents to work remotely. If it weren't for COVID, they would've never met!

Since they met during COVID, everything in the public was closed.They had their first date at his parents house and ordered Thai takeout. They ate, hung out, and laughed for hours and had a great time. She was adamant about staying 6 feet apart and didn't even give him a hug goodbye when she left! LOL

They have been together for over two years since then and have shared so many incredible memories! They love to check out new and different places. In the first year that they knew each other, they went on at least 4 weekend getaways and they took a trip to Mexico this past summer. They got a condo together in a beach town at the Jersey Shore and have had the best time just being there together and cooking together every night. They love staying home and simply just being together.

Devin had told Nicole that they were going to be going out to dinner with their immediate family members- so his parents, her parents, and her sister. She got ready and he had said that they were ready a little bit early, and he suggested that they go walk on the beach or boardwalk because it was a nice day in November so they should take advantage of the weather. This was not unusual for them because they live so close to the beach and they go walk on the boardwalk or hangout at the beach pretty often so she didn't think anything of it. When they got onto the sand and walked a bit, he got on his knee and asked her to marry him! After she said YES, she heard people cheering. Nicole said, “I looked over and our family and my closest friends were there to celebrate with us. It couldn't have been better!”

She had previously told Devin in the summer what kind of cut and band she wanted so she had an idea that they were going to get engaged but she had no idea it was going to be that day! She said, “The ring is absolutely beautiful. Not only is the size perfect, but the sparkle is just more than anything I expected and I truthfully could not love it more. It's perfect!”

They plan to get married by the water in Spring of 2023 with all of their family and friends there to celebrate with them! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!