Clear Cut Couples: Christian and Morgan

Christian and Morgan met the first week of school at CU Boulder. Christian's first friend who he had met at orientation happened to be Morgan’s first friend and after they had moved into their dorms and their parents had left, the friend came over to her dorm with Christian. They became best friends who were "secretly" in love with each other but didn't start dating until a year later!

They were 19 and had already been best friends so they didn't have a first date in the traditional sense. The first week of sophomore year at college, Christian and his roommates threw a party and Christian professed his love to her after many drinks, which were mutual feelings. They took it slow and wanted to protect their friendship so many of their most memorable moments the first few months were them cooking together at his house, him coming to her sorority house for meals, and study dates in the library. They have been together for over 8 years and have shared so many incredible memories since then. 

They have always loved traveling together and getting creative together. Christian is a photographer but had put this camera down for a few years in college. Their senior year the two of them had a trip to Mexico planned right after graduation, but Morgan got really sick and came down with a 104º fever two days before and ended up in the hospital. Luckily after a few spinal taps and many IVs later, she was feeling better and they decided that they would still go (something that would never happen today, LOL) and it was one of the most memorable trips they’ve had. After that point, Christian fell back in love with photography, they both moved back to NYC, and has since become a full-time photographer.

Every year they go on at least one big international trip which always become some of their greatest memories. They always discuss their biggest dreams on these trips and get really inspired exploring foreign places together, and a few years ago in Italy, they had set the goal to leave their jobs in the next two years to start their own company. This year they launched their creative and social agency concept together which will allow them to make their dreams of traveling and shooting together a reality!

Aside from that, they have a boxer who they are obsessed with and is the light of their life. For them, it's all in the small moments - Saturday coffee in bed snuggling with their dog, cooking and getting creative in the kitchen, and finding inspiration together in random corners of the world.

Christian proposed on their trip to Mallorca in October. They had bookmarked Mallorca a few years ago and after almost two years of not going on any big trips, they planned to go to Mallorca for Morgan’s birthday. Morgan’s best friend lives in Lisbon, so she planned to come out and meet them for a few days with her boyfriend, and Christian's best friend was planning on being in Mallorca around the same time with his girlfriend.

They had the first 4 days of the trip to themselves and Christian booked an incredible hotel on the west side of the island for her birthday. He worked with the hotel to plan a bunch of surprises for her from waking up to huge bouquets of flowers on her birthday, upgrading their room, amazing meals, and endless cava. He planned a picnic that the hotel curated for them and they said to go to Cala D'Or, a famous beach there. They got there and the beach was a bit crowded so they walked along a cliff to find a quieter spot. Right after the picnic was set up, Christian popped the question and surprised her with her dream ring!

Morgan said, “I knew that a proposal was coming soon, but Christian and my best friend threw some curveballs before Mallorca that made me believe that it definitely wasn't happening there. Christian planned all of these surprises our first few days knowing that I wouldn't think twice about them because it was my birthday, so when the proposal happened I was so surprised. We had looked at rings together earlier in the year and I knew that I wanted an emerald cut on a thin gold band. The last time that we had looked at stones, we found one that we both really loved...and then at the last minute she pulled out another stone that was slightly over budget just for us to see. When we left, Christian was set on the original stone we loved and I was secretly hoping for the last stone, but knew I would be so happy with either.” When he proposed he said, "I knew it would be really hard to surprise you with the proposal so I figured I could at least surprise you with the stone you really loved."

They have since named her (the ring) Ema, short for emerald, and Morgan said, “I don't think I will ever get sick of looking at her every day.” They’re planning a wedding for their 10 year anniversary in September of 2023 in Tuscany - one of their favorite places that they have spent time. Morgan said, “We've always envisioned our wedding feeling like a true celebration and party with our closest friends and family and it has been so fun bringing the vision to life. Imagine a chic Tuscan party that feels young and fun, goes late into the night, and ends with everyone in the pool at the end of the night!” Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!