Clear Cut Couples: Alexis and Trevor

Alexis and Trevor met through their first job out of college. Although they were at different companies, they worked under the same roof and just across the hallway from one another.

Their first date would be explained entirely differently depending on who you ask - however, Trevor said, “I’ll be the one to say we were going on dates before she knew they would be our first dates. Alexis and I lived in Fairfax and frequently would get dinner/ drinks. She would share that our true first date was at Anthony’s Restaurant in Purcellville, VA where she snagged the check.” They have been together for over three years and have shared so many incredible memories since then!

They love traveling and have been to Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, and all over the US. They try to take many pictures and videos along the way to cherish those memories but they always manage to have a good time whether it’s a noisy night staying in a busy Holiday Inn or standing on top of Sagrada de Famiglia looking over the skyline.

Trevor proposed on October 2, 2021 at Newport Vineyards in Newport RI. They walked down a long row of vines where the photographer was hiding out at the very end to her surprise and he had a ring.

It was definitely a surprise and continued to be a surprise as she found their families waiting for them back at the house along with all her friends from college and beyond. Her jaw definitely dropped when she saw how perfect the diamond ring was!! They will be getting married on June 3, 2023 in Bristol RI at Linden Place near the water and off Main Street.