Clear Cut Couples: Olivia and Jeremy

Olivia and Jeremy met in their hometown! Jeremy was the shy, new kid in the small, Kansas town. Olivia was a freshman & he was a sophomore. Olivia saw him in passing at the high school & always thought… “WOW, he’s so dang cute!” But, never thought she would have the audacity to go talk to him. But, turns out she didn’t need to!

One day, she spotted him from across the lunchroom sitting at a table with his baseball teammates. She quickly sat down with her friends & asked if anyone knew his name. She told them that she thought he was cute & wanted to know more about him. Olivia said, “Before I even knew what was happening, my friend, Ashlyn, stood up & yelled, ‘DIEHL! (his last name) This girl (pointing at me) thinks you’re cute!’ Let’s just say we were both completely mortified & red with embarrassment.” Her friend ended up giving him her phone number on a slip of paper & the rest is history… they were 14 & 16!

Olivia’s older sister & boyfriend (now husband) thought it would be a good idea to go on a double date to the movie theatre to see Chernobyl Diaries, how romantic… not! One thing led to another & they ended up late to the showing. With a quick change of plans, they decided on Men in Black 3 instead, another very romantic film.

They found their seats & she couldn’t stop shaking. She was so nervous! Mid-film, Jeremy leans over & whispers in my ear… “So… does this mean we’re dating?” Her entire body went numb, but she immediately blurted out “Ummm… I guess so!” They finished out their first date with some frozen yogurt & awkward hand-holding. Oh, to be young again!!! Even though they had only known each other for a few weeks, there was something about him that made Olivia feel like she had known him her entire life. She said, “He felt like home, even from the beginning.” AWWW! Since then, they've been going on 8 ½ years together!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! Olivia said, “One of the best things about meeting the love of your life at 14 is that you grow up together. Proms, sorority functions, college, graduations, getting started in our careers, moving into our first apartment together, & so on. From road trips to my family’s lake house on Table Rock to the annual Rise Up Gala in Las Vegas, NV to cliff diving in Jamaica. A good time is always to be had when we’re together.”

Jeremy proposed on November 21, 2020. It was a chilly, rainy day in Wichita, Kansas. Olivia had been out of town for the majority of the day at a bridal shower. When she finally got home, he told her that they were meeting his parents for drinks at a local restaurant. As much as she wanted to snuggle up in bed with comfy clothes on, she agreed to go. They drank lots of wine, ate cheesy bread, & chatted until the sun went down. Little did she know, there would be more to come of that evening.

After leaving the restaurant, Jeremy said that he was craving street tacos from one of their favorite taqueria’s clear across town. She wasn’t going to complain about that! He started driving there & was taking the obvious, long way there. She kept telling him directions to get there quicker & he wasn’t listening. So, she turned up the volume to her favorite music & decided to dance it out until they got there. He ended up missing the exit, looking pretty unphased. He continued driving & ended up taking the exit to… her parent’s house.

Olivia said, “I followed him into my parent’s garage, which was completely dark & ‘All of Me’ by John Legend was playing in the background. I turn the corner & immediately see a beautiful display of candles, rose petals, & ‘Marry Me’ in big, light up letters. I completely stop in my tracks & begin to tear up. It’s finally happening!!!! It was like a movie. He walked me up to stand in the middle of a giant, rose petal heart & asked me to marry him. It was the easiest “YES” ever! After the lights turned on, I saw all of our family watching from the loft. It was so special to have everyone in one place.” They celebrated with lots more yummy food, bubbly, & cake! All three of their love languages ;) It was an unforgettable evening & worth the wait!

It was the sweetest surprise! Olivia introduced him to The Clear Cut & helped with the planning process of the ring (he really wanted it to be PERFECT!) The diamond was passed down from his Grandma & reset into a custom super skinny setting. It’s even more beautiful than what Olivia would have ever imagined! She said, “Let’s just say, I’m never taking it off.” As of now, they’re not too sure of any wedding plans at this point. They want to wait to get married until the world is back to normal, for the most part! They have a pretty good idea of the aesthetic they want (think mid-century modern meets boho) & a venue. But, they’re just soaking it all in until next year. Then, they’ll get to work!!!