Clear Cut Couples: Ashley and Andrew

Ashley and Andrew met at a local bar in Washington D.C. that is set up like an old speakeasy! To enter the bar you have to walk through the deli and then enter through the freezer. Ashley was at the bar with two of her engaged friends, one of whom loves to play truth or dare at bars. Her friend noticed a cute guy for Ashley to go talk to, however since Ashley is shy her friend turned it into a game and dared her to go pinch his butt. When Ashley pinched Andrew’s butt, he was caught off guard, but was soon pleasantly surprised as they hit it off right away! Before the end of the night, he asked for her number and they went on their first date about two weeks later.

They decided to meet up for drinks at a local Mexican restaurant to keep things casual. Unfortunately, they did not realize the restaurant was closing only 30 minutes after they arrived. So they spent the first date in Andrew’s car chatting in front of her house for hours!! Since then, they have been together for two and a half years!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! They moved very slow to start which made things special when they said "I love you" for the first time a year into their relationship in St. Thomas. They both love Khalid and one of their favorite dates was going to see him in concert in Washington D.C.. For their two year dating anniversary, Andrew made a strawberry cake from scratch which Ashley still raves about to this day. They fostered a dog together which was a great experience which then led to them finding their furever dog shortly after.

Andrew proposed in Asheville, NC on 10/17/20 on a last minute trip to the city. Ashley had always told him how much she loved Asheville and when it came time to propose, he thought what a better place?! He said, “I took her to the Biltmore Estate and arranged for professional photographers to be in place to capture the moment. I walked her up to a secluded hill and popped the question.”

Ashley had no clue it was coming and they still laugh at some of the clues she missed along the way. She thought it was still going to be at least another year so even when she saw the photographers set up on the secluded hill, she just thought they were in their way! She loves the ring and said "I couldn't have imagined it better in my head. I find myself staring at it every day. And it makes it special that you [Andrew] ended up choosing it yourself."

They are thrilled to celebrate their wedding by throwing a New Year's Eve weekend wedding on 1/1/22. They have booked a venue outside of Miami, FL which will be a destination wedding for all of their friends and family attending.

Congrats you two - we are SO happy for you!