Clear Cut Couples: Olivia and Ryan

Olivia and Ryan met in college at UCSB in the summer before their senior year. Ryan was on the USBC Men's volleyball team and Olivia was a part of the Delta Gamma sorority. They had mutual friends, but had somehow never met each other until one day both of their friend groups were getting pizza at "Pizza My Heart" in Isla Vista. Olivia immediately asked her friends who he was and if he was single! Their friend groups then proceeded to do the "Loop" together that day - a common college weekend activity where a group bar hops around the restaurants or Isla Vista.

Ryan's college job was bartending at a family restaurant called "Brophy's," located on the harbor of Santa Barbara, just off State Street. A few weeks after meeting Ryan, her friends were going on a double date to Brophy's. She knew Ryan worked there so she decided to tag along in hopes of seeing him again. She third wheeled on her friends' date so that she  could casually visit Ryan at work. All three of them sat at the bar and he served her a Cosmopolitan. They talked and laughed the whole time from across the bar while he worked. When he handed her the check, it was a blank piece of receipt paper that had his number on it. AWW! The rest is history. They have been together for over 6 years now. 

After they both graduated from UCSB in 2016, they moved to Paso Robles together so Ryan could work the Fall harvest on a winery, Villa Creek. They’ve since moved back to Los Angeles, and just moved in together to a cute little apartment with a rooftop deck in Manhattan Beach! They love having friends over and getting to watch the sunset over the ocean.

Their graduation trip was driving up from Santa Barbara to Big Sur, CA in Ryan's old red Ford Ranger. They spent the trip camping in the back of the truck, and didn't pack enough food so they had to buy peanut butter and bread off their neighbors at the Big Sur campground site!

They have traveled to Thailand and Bali together and love exploring foreign countries and eating new foods. They took a Balinese cooking class and learned to make nasi goreng and curry. Ryan taught her to surf in Bali and they took a rooftop yoga class. The first time she met Ryan's parents in Santa Barbara, they took them out to dinner and she was so nervous that she passed out at the dinner table! So embarrassing but they laugh about it now! They also love backpacking and visiting National Parks. Last year, they got to hike and summit Half Dome, which was an amazing experience! Ryan is afraid of heights and says that summiting is one of his proudest accomplishments.

Olivia's birthday is January 1st so she had planned a big trip with their friends to Joshua Tree for New Year's Eve/her birthday. When they all had arrived in Joshua Tree, Ryan announced to everyone that he had made a birthday video for her. Halfway through the video, it turned into a slideshow of her and Ryan and at the end of the video, it said "Olivia Rose Vigna, will you marry me?" All of her friends were crying tears of happiness and she was so surprised! He proposed in front of all of their friends and he even coordinated her best friend and cousin coming for the weekend to surprise her! They then got to spend the rest of the weekend celebrating at their cute Joshua Tree Airbnb!

Olivia said, “It was a HUGE surprise! I had no idea he had even reached out to Clear Cut or that he had any idea what kind of ring I wanted. I was shocked! I absolutely loved my ring - it fit perfectly and is exactly what I would have picked out for myself. My friends have gotten Clear Cut engagement rings before so now I feel like it's a special club that I'm a part of!”

They’re hoping to get married in the summer of 2023! They’re looking at venues in either Santa Barbara or Paso Robles because both are very special places to them. They want all of their family and friends there with them and can't wait to celebrate! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!