Clear Cut Couples: Rachel and Nicholas

Rachel and Nicholas met in law school in New York!

They went to a St. John’s University basketball game (it was Rachel’s first time ever)! The rest is history! They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. They helped each other navigate all the complexities of law school, coached each other through difficult exams, and obtained their law degrees and licenses with each other’s help. They treated each other’s successes (and downfalls) as if they were their own and continuously encouraged each other to keep pushing forward even when it would have been easier to quit. 

They navigated their first professional career jobs together and no matter how hectic their lives got, they always made time to do their favorite thing—explore the outdoors. They have hiked over 100 miles of trails through Florida, Montana, New York, and Canada, and have constantly encouraged each other to step out of their comfort zones.

On August 4, 2022, they hiked to a rocky beach cove in Paros, Greece (one of Rach’s favorite spots) where they watched the sunset for a few minutes before Nicholas kneeled down and asked her to marry him.

It was a complete surprise. They were working full time and studying to get their law licenses in a new state during the months leading up to their trip to Greece so Rachel didn’t at all suspect that he was also using that time to find her a ring.

They had already completed more than half of their vacation before he proposed so she was shocked when he finally pulled out the ring. She’s absolutely obsessed with the ring and says it’s more perfect than she ever could have imagined.

They hope to get married outside somewhere warm surrounded by all of their family and friends. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!