Clear Cut Couples: Rebecca and James

Rebecca and James met on Tinder! They both swiped right and started chatting that day. The conversation was fast and witty, and both of them were clearly looking for a catch. It was rare for either of them to have a conversation flow so effortlessly and not have to explain anything to the other person.

For their first date, they met at a bar in a restaurant on July 4th and had an instant connection. They sat there talking for three hours. The date ended when Rebecca said, "I swear I don't want to leave but, my dog is diabetic and I have to go home and give him his insulin." He laughed and was like, "Oh yeah RIGHT." As they were walking to the parking lot, they were both pretty shook at how well the date went. Rebecca called her mom afterwards and said, "Mom. I don't want to jinx anything but, that lawyer is going to be a tough one to beat." The best part is, now James gives Mr. Finnegan his insulin every morning!!

They have been together over two years since then! They bought a house and moved in together after the first year of dating, which was major. And most of the last year and change has been spent locked down during a pandemic! They know it's tested a lot of relationships and they feel extremely lucky it's been so easy for them.

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! A few months into dating, they had one conversation where Rebecca said, "You know, if this works out between us, we'll be that couple that can actually say, 'when you know, you know.'" And James totally agreed! So many couples start dating and are unsure of what it feels like when you meet "the one." Rebecca included! She was married before, and she told herself that she would never, ever settle again. She said that when James came into her life and it changed everything. She couldn't believe how sure they both were. So ever since, they’ve been saying, "when you know, you know."

Right before they moved in together, after they closed on the house, Rebecca told him that she wanted to go to Atlantic City to celebrate his 35th birthday as a last hurrah before house finances took over their lives. What he didn't know is that for months she had been planning the most epic surprise 35th birthday party for him. This was the summer PRE-COVID, so his best friends flew/came in from Montana, Colorado, NYC, Hoboken and New Jersey to surprise him in Atlantic City and it was one of the best weekends they have ever had.

Another highlight is that they adopted a second dog together. James had never had a dog before but ALWAYS wanted one. His mom tells Rebecca all the time that James never stopped asking for a dog as a kid. So obviously, he totally fell in love with Mr. Finnegan. But for 9 years it was always just Rebecca and Finn. Together, they adopted Dolly Pawton and Finnegan was not only happier, his health improved! His diabetes all of a sudden required less insulin. They’re the proud parents of two amazing rescue dogs.

James proposed on October 17, 2020. Rebecca had expected something all day, but James was playing it very cool. So they went out to dinner and she finally resolved it wasn't going to happen. Then they got home,  took their two dogs out, and as she came back inside, there he was with the ring and champagne!

They had gone through the ring process together and Rebecca initially wanted it to be a surprise, but James was adamant that the ring was an investment and he wanted to make sure that she absolutely loved it. Rebecca said, “And now that I have the ring, I AM SO HAPPY I listened to him! It was better than either of us thought possible. So I knew it was coming, but I was still surprised!” Because of COVID, it's difficult to make any concrete plans, but they’re hoping for a wedding this summer. They want something very small, intimate and FUN! Congrats you two!