Clear Cut Couples: Alexandra and Jack

Alexandra (Alex) and Jack met in college at High Point University and clicked right away as close friends. However, it took them running into each other 700 miles away from campus on their sophomore year spring break to realize what they had right in front of them. 5 1/2 years total, almost 2 years of long distance and two apartments later, they get the opportunity to bring their family and loved ones together to celebrate the beginning of their forever!

Their first date was at a restaurant off campus that they would end up going to frequently in their college career. They both were already close friends, so it was really easy once they admitted their feelings for each other to go from there. Alex remembered thinking how easy it was to talk to him and how comfortable she felt. Jack remembered knowing she was special one week in and they’ve been best friends since.

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. One of Alex’s favorite highlights was living together during grad school in an old and broken down apartment. It was all they could afford at the time, but they made the most of it! They would take turns cooking a special date night meal every other Friday and would get dressed up and dance around the apartment. She said, “Jack’s my best friend, so the fact that I get to experience laughter and adventure for the rest of my life is so exciting!”

Jack said that Alex truly is the most kindhearted person he knows. One of his favorite memories is in May of this year when Alex moved down from PA after almost 2 years of long distance. They love going to the movies, but with COVID she decided to surprise him with his very own apartment movie theatre. She got popcorn, his favorite candy, pizza, drinks and even had the pre-movie commercials playing in the background. He said, “It felt so good to have a date night and to know that we were finally back together again.”

Jack proposed at the Biltmore on 10/17/20 - their half anniversary! Jack took Alex there for her 21st birthday and when they were in the courtyard, it started to rain. Everyone else left the area and they sat under a gazebo and chatted about life. She said, “Jack looked at me and told me that he was going to marry me one day and 4 years later took me back to that spot to propose!” AWWW!

Alex had some suspicion, but was so excited it happened there! She said, “The ring is more than I could have ever imagined. I have been following The Clear Cut for over two years now and am so thrilled to have one of Olivia’s pieces included in our love story.”

They are getting married at Omni Bedford Springs in Pennsylvania on 6/10/22. Bedford Springs has been a special place for Alex and her family since she was little and Jack loves the history and atmosphere, so they are excited to celebrate there!