Clear Cut Couples: Rob and Sarah

Rob and Sarah originally met in Stamford, Connecticut at an "Alive at Five" concert series where Rob offered Sarah a whipped cream vodka shot after her sister Catherine - who perhaps tentatively, given his playboy reputation, introduced them. He immediately became attracted and infatuated with Sarah. He told Catherine the next day at work that he had "met my wife" which at the time seemed silly, but Sarah never left his thoughts from that day forward.

After Sarah celebrated a birthday and he saw the notification on Facebook (which he actually missed), he messaged her with a belated birthday wish. To his surprise, she responded almost immediately, so he had casually suggested that they should get together to meet up. So what better time than that day! They each hopped on the train and then later met up at Eataly in NYC. They then taxi'd over to the West Side to walk the Highline and then walked the Seaport and had their first meal together. It was oysters and shrimp cocktail (Sarah had never really dabbled in them before) and grilled cheese (her favorite!). They look back and laugh at how they each wanted to make each other happy and comfortable together! They have been together ever since - for about a decade, and they have shared so many incredible memories over the years!! 

They treasure the little moments that they have together including movie nights with homemade popcorn, prosciutto, and cheese from Eataly -- balanced with intimate dinners at their favorite spots in NYC. They then got Chelsea who is the best dog they could ask for - she's named after the neighborhood they lived in together for over three years! Their favorite vacation to date was Sarah's birthday trip to Croatia where they spent time in Dubrovnik, Havar, Split, and Zadar staying at amazing resorts and visiting some of the world's most amazing National parks while soaking in the sun and all of the amazing sights. Outside of traveling together, one of their favorite places is state-side in Block Island, which is just a short ferry off the coast of Rhode Island where they will be getting married in September!

Some of their favorite times have been spent out on Long Island visiting wineries and going to some of their favorite restaurants including Love Lane Kitchen. They got an AirBnB for the weekend and did a full day of visiting different wineries and restaurants. It was in the middle of the Fall and he suggested that they go back and pick up Chelsea for a walk on the beach. His parents got married on a beach and it meant a lot to him to include family sentiment in what was the biggest moment of his life to date! Speaking of dates, they got engaged on October 23rd, which is Sarah's parent's anniversary - Gail and Ralph are now celebrating 56 years of marriage as his parents, Astra and Bob, are going 37 years strong!

Although Rob gave some hints to Sarah - like making sure her nails were done, and making sure she had some nice outfits for an otherwise casual weekend, she was taken by surprise and he doesn’t think she really knew until he started to propose. As expected, he MELTED -- he was crying and could barely get the words out, but when he did... She said YES!! They have it all on video as Chelsea was tangling her leash around his legs. Once she saw the ring, she did a double take and her eyes lit up and was surprised by it all. It was especially special that her very close friend Sarah Daly walked him through everything and helped him design the most perfect and unique ring that he  knew she would love. It was arguably the best moment that they have shared together to date.

As for their wedding, they  love Block Island and are planning a fun and casual wedding weekend that embodies both the spirit of the island as well as the vibe that they want to capture -- casual, fun, and leave your watch at home to embrace the island vibes! They can't wait to have their closest and most loved family and friends join them in September for the celebration that they have always dreamed of. Sarah, Chelsea, and Rib can't wait for the next chapter of their lives together!