Clear Cut Couples: Shriya and Alex

Shriya and Alex met in San Diego at one of their favorite restaurants. Shriya had just recently moved to San Diego and was out exploring the city while Alex, his brother and his best friends were having a night out. She got to meet some of the most important people in his life the first night they met, which has always been special to them.They had immediate chemistry over an espresso martini and the rest is history!

They met just a few weeks before Covid shutdowns and were fortunate enough to stay healthy and spend a lot of meaningful time together. Their first date was the night before the city shut down and they met for dinner. They spent the evening getting to know each other and learning that they wanted to continue exploring. They spent many weeks during the shut down playing games, cooking dinner together, and learning that their commitment and unwavering loyalty to each other was only the beginning of something really special. Since then, they have been together for over 2 years!

They have shared so many incredible memories! Their first road trip together was to Sedona in July of 2020. It was such a special time for them! They spent the trip exploring new restaurants and hiking. They had planned time to hike up to Cathedral Rock at sunset where they captured one of their favorite photos. This was such a special and unique moment for them and they ended up blowing up the photo into a canvas that hangs in their family room!

Fast forward to March of 2022... they planned a road trip to Moab, Antelope Canyon and Sedona to spend time with one another before an upcoming extended period of time apart. Alex suggested to hike up to Cathedral Rock again where he proposed at the exact same spot as the picture was taken a few years prior. The moment was surreal and so magical. 

It was absolutely a surprise! They have been talking about marriage and their engagement for a while, but the thoughtful planning and meaningful location was so beautiful. Shriya said, “I was floored by the ring and taken aback (see pic!) by how gorgeous it was. Alex (with the help of The Clear Cut team) did such an amazing job creating the ring of my dreams and I am so grateful.”

They are eloping to New Zealand in 2023! They are so excited to spend a few weeks traveling, exploring a new country, and taking on a new adventure together.


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