Clear Cut Couples: Deven and Kya

Deven and Kya are both Navy pilots. They met at their first squadron and deployed together to Italy. On their first flight together, they flew out of Sicily and just hit it off. They became great friends and eventually moved in together when they returned back to the states. It didn’t take long to start dating afterwards.

They drove to the Oregon Coast and had an incredible dinner. They spent the evening walking the beach with their brand new German shepherd puppy and ended the night with a beach bonfire under the stars. It sounds cheesy, but all the stars aligned that night! Since then, they have been together for over two years since!

Because of their first date, they love the Oregon coast. It is such a special place for them and they always make an effort to spend a weekend there every couple of months.

Their favorite hike is Chain Lakes in Washington. They took Luna (their puppy) there for her first long hike on a gorgeous Washington day. You could see the mountains in every direction and there was a lake every few miles. Everything felt so effortless and easy with Deven.

Deven proposed in Maui on their family Christmas trip. They had a relaxing afternoon hanging by the pool and swimming in the ocean. When the sun started to set, he asked to go for a walk on the beach. Sure enough, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was beautiful!

Kya was really surprised! She had no idea he was able to get the ring to Hawaii and wasn’t expecting an engagement for another few months. She said, “The ring is unbelievable!!! I’ve been following The Clear Cut for years and couldn’t believe this ring was actually mine! I am so happy and incredibly grateful.”

They are getting married on the Oregon Coast this July. The venue overlooks the ocean and is surrounded by beautiful trees. Deven comes from an Indian family, so they’ll be having a traditional Indian wedding as well over the New Year.

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