Clear Cut Couples: Amy and Mike

Amy and Mike met at work! They don't work directly with each other, but their desks were very close when Amy first started at the company and they just gravitated toward each other. Their company had a lot of social events back then so they were able to get to know one another at those and eventually outside of work!

Their first date was very low key. They spent so much time talking and hanging out that they didn't go to get dinner until almost 9! They went to Amy’s favorite chicken wing spot. Looking back now it was a bold choice given the messiness involved with eating wings, but it obviously went well! Since then, they have been together for over 3 years!

They have shared countless incredible memories over the years. Some highlights are that they most recently bought a house! Moving in together to an apartment first was a big milestone and then buying the house was huge and so exciting! They also got a puppy, a mini goldendoodle named Rylee. They traveled back to the east coast for weddings and family visits throughout their relationship and they always have a ski trip to a new place every year with their friends.

They were driving to Park City, Utah for their annual ski trip with another couple and they had stopped at the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada for a photo op and a surprise proposal! The road to get to the proposal location was actually closed due to a search for a missing hiker so they continued onto Park City. Mike made last minute plans to grab drinks at the St. Regis Deer Valley before dinner that had been already planned. Mike was nervous because there were people on the patio and he couldn't find a good spot to pop the question. Luckily after going to the bar, the group outside left and they had the outdoor patio all to ourselves. That's when it all happened! They went to a nice dinner afterwards to celebrate followed by a weekend of skiing and enjoying Park City, which was lovely!

The proposal was a TOTAL surprise. Amy said, “I thought I would cry during the proposal, but I think I was so shocked that tears were not there! Since we had bought the house last year I didn't think it would happen at least until mid 2022 so the entire proposal I was just so shocked it was happening. The ring reaction was amazing as expected! It was so exciting to see The Clear Cut box and know that he not only got a beautiful ring but it was from the place that I really wanted!!! He chose the shape and spent a lot of time deciding so it makes the ring so special to me.”

Their wedding plans are still coming together, but they are planning to get married in San Diego, where they live, late spring/early summer of 2023. They plan to have a relatively small wedding and really want to just enjoy the day and celebrate with friends and family! Then a relaxing and amazing honeymoon somewhere right after! Congrats you two! We’re SO happy for you!

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