Clear Cut Couples: Sophie and Steve

Sophie and Steve met in college at WashU in St. Louis! They were in the same freshman dorm and Steve would always talk to and dance with her at parties. It turns out that, without Sophie knowing, one of her best friends had been telling Steve that she had a crush on him (which wasn’t true, at the time!). Eventually he asked her to his semi-formal and the rest is history. Sophie said, “I guess my friend knew what she was doing after all!” Since then, they have been together for over 6 years!!

Over the years they’ve been fortunate to see so much of the world together. One of their favorite memories was when Steve visited Sophie during her semester abroad in Hong Kong. They ate their way through all the dim sum, barbecue duck, noodles, and mochi the city had to offer. 

They recently returned from a trip to Bhutan. On the last day, their guide surprised them with a traditional Bhutanese Buddhist ceremony to bless their upcoming wedding.

The ceremony included dressing in traditional clothing, a musical and dance performance by 15+ monks, feeding each other drinks of the local moonshine called "Ara", and receiving white shawls and wishes from the family. Needless to say, it was an incredibly special experience and something they will never forget!

Steve proposed when they were at Sophie’s parents’ lake house in northern Georgia to celebrate her grandmother’s 90th birthday. They went down to the dock for a moonlit drink. She had no idea that he was going to propose, so Sophie was wearing what she said was “the world's ugliest (but my favorite) dog sweatshirt and stuffing my face with peanuts.” LOL!! When he got down on one knee she was so shocked that she just froze, peanuts clenched tightly in her hands. Poor Steve had to remove the tin of peanuts from her grasp so he could give her the ring. 

The proposal was a total surprise!! Sophie gave Steve a general idea of what she wanted, but he went above and beyond. She said, “The ring is truly so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!”

They plan on getting married in fall 2020 in Chicago -- we can’t wait!! Congrats Sophie and Steve!!

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