Clear Cut Couples: Jennifer and Kyle

Jennifer and Kyle grew up going to the same church, but they reconnected as adults in 2012 and started dating in 2014! For their first date, Jennifer said she was so nervous! They were long distance, and finally decided to meet up in the middle of Illinois and Maryland. She drank two 5 hour energy drinks along the way and she was jittery by the time she got to their halfway point! Needless to say, it all turned out just right in the end.  

They have had so many amazing memories over the years: road trip to North Carolina, indoor skydiving in Chicago, Cubs games, and an epic Tyler Childers concert in Indy.

Kyle proposed on Christmas Eve! He asked Jennifer’s son for permission first, and together, they asked her to get married! AWWW! Jennifer was involved in the ring process, but she loved every moment of it and is obsessed with her stunning ring! 

They eloped on January 27th! They knew they didn't want a big wedding, but they wanted to share their special day with their loved ones, so they hired photographers and a videographer to document everything along the way; from Jennifer trying on the ring when they got it, to Kyle asking Kent if he could propose, to the day they got their license and picked out Kyle's ring, to the big day itself. They told their parents and then their close friends, and finally they released the video to everyone else soon after! Watch their video below!!

Jennifer + Kyle Highlight Film from Tori Beach on Vimeo.

Congrats Jennifer and Kyle! We are SO happy for you!!

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