Clear Cut Couples: Spencer and Madison

Spencer and Madison met on a dating app!  It was March of COVID and everything was shut down- they went on a socially distanced walk and sat on Madison's porch drinking margaritas. Madison wasn't sold after the first date and they went on a second date the next day. Spencer tore his ACL later that week and had to move home to NY to recover. When he came back, they had their REAL first date on June 2, 2020. They went to Pure in Brookhaven!

They had a rapid COVID relationship: met at the end of March, talked every day while Spencer was in NY but really didn't start the relationship until the real first date of June 2, 2020! They went from dating to living together to engaged all in 10 months!

They have shared so many incredible memories since then! They had an unconventional timeline because of the pandemic. Especially in the beginning, Madison had to keep a close-knit circle due to family member's health and pregnancies. Spencer stayed over on June 2nd and never left! A few weeks after that, they got their very own apartment together, right by their first date restaurant that they frequent all the time!

Spencer proposed on April 17th. Madison thought that they were going to a family dinner to celebrate their parent's 35th wedding anniversary. Spencer had Madison's dad send out a text on March 1 letting the family know (minus her mom) that he was planning a surprise dinner for Madison's mom to celebrate their anniversary. Little did she know the surprise was for her! When they got to the restaurant Madison was so excited to be the first one there (something that never happens). It was a restaurant on the river, and somewhere she had always wanted to go. Spencer had told the hostess exactly what to say, and they sent Madison and Spencer to the courtyard on the water. Madison walked outside and said "Wow this is beautiful, this would be a perfect place to get engaged" but she had no clue! She was making her way to the bar while he was trying to pull her to the spot that the photographer had picked out. She noticed Spencer's panic and followed him. He got down on one knee and she said yes!

Madison always talks about how hard it is to surprise her, but she was absolutely shocked. Spencer had her sisters plot different texts and things that would rule out that there was any possibility of a proposal on the night. The ring was everything she wanted and more- she kept staring at her hand all night.

They are getting married on April 30, 2022 in Atlanta, GA at a new venue in West Midtown. They both fell in love with the venue when they walked in! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!