Clear Cut Couples: Tom and Jackie

Tom and Jackie met on Hinge!! For their first date, Tom traveled to Brooklyn from the Upper East Side to meet her at her favorite beer garden. After being a very infrequent BK visitor in the years he lived in NYC before meeting her, she convinced him to make the big move to BK a few months later. Since then, they have been together for over two years!!

On the second anniversary of their first date, Tom surprised her with a private catamaran for the night. He had gone to all the restaurants and bars they went to on their second date and had planned a picnic on the boat. As soon as they got to the dock, an insane monsoon hit and they spent the first 45 minutes of the night below deck in a teeny cabin eating Pauly Gees. They got super lucky because after the storm, the sky was so clear and full of rainbows.

Jackie said, “I didn't know about the catamaran, I thought we were going somewhere for dinner that had outdoor dining. When we got to the dock, I definitely had an idea it might happen that night (definitely not your average dinner date). The first mate was also a secret professional photographer who popped out as Tom proposed, so our pictures are awesome.

I had been lusting after this ring forever and had definitely sent some hints over the past few months, but it was even more gorgeous in person! The whole night was amazing and so fun!”

They are hoping for a Fall 2021 vineyard wedding on the North Fork of Long Island. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!!