Clear Cut Couples: Raquel and Isaac

Isaac and Raquel fell in love at their community college. They grew up in neighboring cities and it turned out that they had a ton of mutual friends, but never met until one day he walked into a college social night. Raquel said, “I was instantly taken back by his radiant smile. He also knew everyone in the room, which was a little intimidating, but I knew I needed this man in my life by how he made me feel from the moment he chose to sit next to me. I had never felt that kind of energy and attention from another person.” AWW!

At the time, Isaac was a pitcher and she was a catcher in college, so they took advantage of that and often worked out together. They still play catch together! When they first began dating, they were with each other every single day for 3 years straight. They watched each other play, studied together, and made time to enjoy their families.

When they got into their careers, they had a huge shift in their relationship; that incredible time they had together helped build the foundation for what they call their relationship reality as of today. Isaac is gone for most of the year battling fires around the country. Raquel’s job is also demanding. As a result, they are apart a lot and often without cell service, but it makes the time they get together so much sweeter. They have really grown up together and look to each other for strength through some really hard times.

Raquel said, “My grandpa was diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2018. Isaac and I moved in with my grandparents, and he made my grandpa a priority every single day. I carried so much guilt because I was gone at school finishing up my bachelors. Isaac cleaned his port, took him to doctors appointments, and spent every moment assuring him that he would get through this. My grandpa is my world, and seeing Isaac not only hold me together through that time, but selflessly take care of him was like having an actual angel guide me through an extremely dark time.”

Their first date was a quick breakfast on a game day at a Denny’s in Pasadena. Naturally, Raquel ordered the hardiest breakfast on the menu, not knowing that Isaac only had $20 in his pocket. So he ended up ordering $5 pancakes to make up for her giant meal that took up a huge chunk of the $20. They had been best friends for a good amount of time prior to that moment and had gone out one on one quite a bit, but this time hanging out just felt different. It felt like a date, but it wasn’t until he went to pay that Raquel asked “so is this a date” and he replied with “I guess”. So when he asked her to marry him, she made sure to reply with “I guess”. LOL!

When Raquel saw the ring, it was instant tears and absolute shock. Isaac had not only planned the most incredible proposal, but also pulled out the most stunning ring! “I had butterflies beyond belief. I also instantly knew he took all my hints and ran straight to Olivia. The delicate platinum band and brilliant diamond set in the compass setting was breathtaking. We always loved the traditional, but unique look to the compass setting and we always say that no matter what we will always find our way back to each other.”

They are in no rush to get married and want to enjoy this time as each other’s fiancé’s. As of now, they are looking at Fall 2022.