Making It in NYC with Audrey Trullinger

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we get up close and personal with women that inspire us! Today we're cozying up with Audrey Trullinger. Audrey was Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia and pursued a BFA in Musical Theatre at Elon University where she started her TikTok account that is best known for her comedy and dance videos. We chat about moving to NYC to pursue an acting career, manifesting dreams, and life since graduation. 


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Audrey is coming up on her 1 year New York anniversary and is finding the full circle moments from pre-pandemic life to now.  


She began making videos with her sorority sisters doing TikTok dance trends and until one went viral and she began creating more videos showcasing her comical side. 


Being a student during her TikTok surge, she got to experience the perks of socialization in school and felt super supported by her peers. Audrey found it very interesting to be known by people she has never met before through social media. Her life in New York has been a not-so-easy transition but still manages to find inspiration from people around her. Audrey loves watching other creatives and comedians to uplift her creativity. Going out with new people and making new friends has helped her feel more adjusted, Audrey also takes advantage of her position and makes videos about relatable life encounters after having moved to the city. 


Audrey has gotten the chance to work with brands that she loves and learned to balance between personal creativity and efforts for other brand partnerships. Beside content creation, Audrey loves the chance at further pursuing her acting career and wants to work with other sketch comedians to get new ideas and sharpen her skills. 


We rank a few engagement rings and Audrey even has some diamond knowledge she has learned from our very own Clear Cut Classroom! Take a look below! 


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Manifesting is a passion of Audrey's and truly believes in putting good energy into the world. She is currently hoping to star in a few favorite series of hers and is using her manifestation techniques like vision boards to help her land her dream opportunities. Audrey shares to seek the positive and find the good that is going on around you! 


We can’t wait to see what is new in store for Audrey and wish her the best of luck in her career! 


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