Turning Your Passion into Your Full-Time Job with Marissa Ren

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we get up close and personal with women that inspire us! Today we're cozying up with Marissa Ren. Marissa is a Chinese American fashion content creator and became recognized for sharing viral dance videos, comedy skits, and a range clips of her trying different food. 


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Marissa kickstarted her TikTok presence during the pandemic and got inspired by Chinese street style and began her niche fashion videos. Her content has evolved to showcase her personal style and outfits and work with brands to collaborate. 


Stepping away from the corporate vibe, Marissa desired something more creatively fulfilling and always had dreams of moving to New York post-grad. There is always room for growth when beginning content creation and she supports others to start it out by having a passion for it first. 


Marissa was born in China and grew up in a very traditional household. Proud of her AAPI heritage, Marissa recognizes the importance of culture and community and is so glad to be spreading representation and bridging the Chinese street style content with American fashion. We even both brush up on our Mandarin speaking! Her personal style has gotten lots of inspiration from her own content and allowed her to step outside of the typical look of her hometown in Georgia. 


For personal style tips, Marissa stands by having a capsule wardrobe, having key pieces that can be worn differently and seeking style inspiration. Pinterest is a great outlet to have on hand for new ideas. TikTok promotes a "real" presence with content and offers room for more individuality which is why Marissa favors TikTok above other platforms. 


For Marissa, underneath all the fun types of work she gets to be involved in, she advocates for taking breaks and learning separation between personal and professional time especially on those amazing creator trips! As one of the first creators to be a recipient to the TikTok creator fund, she got to show her supportive parents there is a way to generate income from content creation. Marissa has always been supported by her family to take a more creative approach to a profession which she appreciates. 


New projects and campaigns are always coming her way and Marissa looks forward to her growth in the coming year. She offers advice to those who want to start their career, to put out content and to not fear breaking out of your shell. You are not alone and it's understandable to feel out of place, Marissa is still navigating her career and finds ways to still enjoy it for fun!


Watch our fun diamond rating game with Marissa Ren below! 


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