How to Reimagine your Cycle with Ashley Greene Khoury & Olivia Khoury

How to reimagine your cycle with Ashley Greene Khoury & Olivia Khoury, Co-founders of Hummingway

We are so excited for the second episode of season 4 of Cozying Up with The Clear Cut! This week we’re sitting down with Ashley Greene Khoury and Olivia Khoury, co-founders and co-CEOs of Hummingway, a brand that aims to transform how all women view their own reproductive health. Today we learn the importance of getting to know our cycles and how we can use it as a tool and not something that holds us back!

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We start off the conversation with the co-CEOs' motivations behind breaking into this space. Ashley discusses her journey post birth control and the hormone fluctuations she faced as a result. Furthermore, she explained that there was an inadequate amount of resources or information offered by healthcare providers. Current medications on the market are not feasible methods to controlling acne and can have detrimental long term side effects.


Olivia, who came from a family of post preventive medicine, also acknowledges the information gaps surrounding access to reproductive healthcare. After speaking with women within their mutual friend groups who were suffering from debilitating cramps, they decided to search for answers. Despite being such a rampant problem, the scientific community is in a knowledge deficit with limited options and medications.


This entrepreneurship journey was a result of everyone’s shared experiences and growing demand for better options. Thus, Olivia and Ashley focused on launching a product that would focus on keeping menstrual pain in check and offer relief during all stages of the menstrual cycle. They aspire to continue to create solutions that are more natural and will work with you during the full course of your menstrual cycle (different phases and fluctuations in different hormones). The pair advocated for awareness and launched an educational platform alongside their products.


Listen to the full podcast to learn about Ashley and Olivia and their entrepreneurship journey in the women’s reproductive health space.


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