Cozying Up Season 4 Premiere with Cynthia Rowley and Kit Keenan

We are so excited for the launch of season 4 of Cozying Up with The Clear Cut! To start off this season, we are cozying up with fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, her daughter and influencers Kit Keenan join us to talk about all things fashion, food, and diamonds. 


Listen here for the full podcast:


When building something that's meaningful, whether that's a brand or influencer status, it's easy to focus on making that "big break" - a viral trend or recognition for a very specific achievement. Cynthia and Kit talk about what it means to be constantly reinventing and growing ideas. 


We also talk about how important it is to understand the business side to all of our creative endeavors. No matter what ideas or passions you have, it is equally important to be aware of all the workings underneath your product and brand that can make the difference between success and frustration. 


Kit goes into her content creation and what makes her truly happy as someone who has social media as a central part of her lifestyle. While there is always negativity and setbacks with having a large audience, Kit powers through knowing that her positive impacts on her audience heavily outweigh any negative comments she receives. 


Listen more for inspiration and rich conversation on standing your ground when making changes in an industry and other tips for self-care and advocacy. 


You can also watch our TikTok to view the diamonds we played with!


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